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How the actors of the television series “Univer” have changed over 13 years

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 11:59:04

In May the series “Univer: 13 years later” premiered. The program became a continuation of “Univer: 10 years later”, in which the authors prepared new challenges and comic life situations for their favorite characters. And in “13 Years Later” Kuzya returned, again played by Vitaly Gogunsky.

Over the past 13 years, everyone’s favorite actors have changed, at least in appearance. Some grew up in terms of careers, but others remained famous for their roles as funny students. We tell you how the main characters of the “Univer” series have changed over the last 13 years.

Stanislav Yarushin as Anton Martynov

Stanislav Yarushin (Anton Martynov)

Photo: TNT

Stanislav Yarushin first appeared in the former “Univer” in the role of the selfish and spoiled Anton Martynov. The character immediately fell in love with the audience because of how much he stood out against the background of Gosha, Alla, Tanya, Sasha and others. Then the hero moved to “New Dorm”, and then appeared in “10 Years Later” and now in “13 Years Later”.

Yarushin’s filmography is not so good. In addition to “Univer,” she acted in “SashaTan,” the film Love and the 2017 TV series “Construction.” But the artist feels great as a host of various shows and as a musician! In 2016, Yarushin released his debut album “About This”, and a year later he delighted his fans with another album. The artist is still interested in musical activities.

Since August 2018, he became the host of the popular Internet show “Night Contact”. He also participated in the projects “Stars in Africa” and “Mask”. He now actively runs his own MUZLOFT YouTube channel with music stars.

The video is available on the MUZLOFT YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to MUZLOFT.

Anna Khilkevich as Masha Belova (Budeiko)

Masha Belova (Budeiko)

Photo: TNT

The naive and stupid blonde Masha appeared in the first episode of “The New Dorm” and immediately attracted the attention of Kuzya (Vitaly Gogunsky). Initially, the authors presented Masha as a typical blonde, but over time the heroine revealed herself more and more and delighted the audience. Khilkevich starred in “10 Years Later” and even “13 Years Later.”

“Univer” made Khilkevich famous, but she can boast of the roles she played before the program about students. Among them are “Yolki”, “What Men Do!”, “Call DiCaprio!”, “Actively Searching”, “Barvikha” and others.

In June 2023, he became a member of the star team and later, in the fourth episode, he joined the popular team of the reality show “Survive in Dubai” on the TNT channel. In June 2023, Khilkevich announced that he had decided to pursue a musical career, but that he had not yet released any songs.

Alexander Stekolnikov as Valentin Budeyko

Valentin Budeyko

Photo: TNT

Valya appeared in the “New Dormitory” immediately after Kuzya left. According to the plot, a new neighbor was added to the block of main characters, who turns out to be the modest but very intelligent botanist Valya. After a long time, he and Masha will start an adventure. Stekolnikov appeared in two Univer sequels: 10 Years Later and 13 Years Later.

Alexander Stekolnikov, who played Valya, first appeared in cinema in 1993 in the film “The Window to Paris”, where he played a schoolboy. In a recent interview, the artist said that because of his connection with the role of Vali, he is rarely invited anywhere.

In addition to films and television series, the actor participates in theater productions. Alexander also teaches acting courses and even plans to open his own website.

Ararat Keshchyan as Arthur Mikaelyan (Michael)

Arturo Mikaelyan

Photo: TNT

A witty and charismatic Armenian with a good sense of humor. Keshchyan starred in the former “Univer” and immediately made it clear that he was the most positive character. And he is literally a magnet for the opposite sex. It so happened that Keshchyan made his debut in the former “Univer” in 2008. He also appeared in the famous TNT television series “Happy Together”, as well as in the film “Nannies” and the series “In short, this is the plan”.

In 2008, on the Humor FM radio station, Keshchyan hosted the humorous program “Olympic Reserve” about the events of the 2008 Olympic Games. And since November 2014, he has hosted the program “Beastly Work” on the Zvezda TV channel. In addition to this, Ararat is the host of the program “Not a Fact”.

Vitaly Gogunsky as Eduard Kuzmin (Kuzi)

Eduard Kuzmin

Photo: TNT/TNT

If they talk about “Univer”, the first thought is immediately about Kuzya! The cult character played by Vitaly Gogunsky began to conquer people’s hearts in the old “Univer” and continued in the “New Dormitory”. The slightly stupid and naive athlete took root in the soul of the public and his phrases became memes. Due to creative differences, the artist left “New Dorm,” but returned triumphantly to “13 Years Later.”

Vitaly Gogunsky began acting in 2004. His first work is “Goodbye, Dr. Freud.” In 2015, the film “Bartender” was released, where Gogunsky played the main role. Thanks to the film, his fame also increased.

In addition to acting, Vitaly is dedicated to music. In 2016, she released a video where she performed the song “Peace” in a duet with her daughter. In 2015 she participated in the vocal project “Main Stage”, where she reached the semi-finals in Maxim Fadeev’s team, and in March 2023 she participated in the show “New Stars in Africa”.

Ekaterina Molokhovskaya as Varvara Zueva

Varvara Zueva

Photo: TNT/TNT

A beautiful psychologist named Varya immediately caught Michael’s attention. The situation was complicated by the fact that Varvara is the daughter of the rector of the university, for whom Arthur worked for a long time. A serious relationship begins between the couple. Molokhovskaya starred in both sequels to “The New Dorm.”

Ekaterina Molokhovskaya graduated with honors from the theater university and then worked at the Moscow Drama Theater named after NV Gogol. She made her film debut in 2006 in the film “Vaccine”.

The actress’s filmography is not very extensive. In addition to “Univer”, Molokhovskaya starred in the following projects: “Truth Itself”, “The Turquoise Ring”, “The Trumpets of the Last Judgment” and “I Will Teach You to Dream”.

Nastasya Samburskaya as Kristina Sokolovskaya

He did not star in “Univer: 13 years later”

Kristina Sokolovskaya

Photo: TNT/TNT

The brilliant, charismatic and daring Kristina Sokolovskaya fell in love with the public since her first appearance in “New Dorm”. Strict with those around her, Samburskaya’s heroine captivated viewers with her approach to life. As in the case of Yarushin, her role in “Univer” made her famous. After “New Dorm,” Nastasya starred in “Univer.” 10 Years Later”, but she could not reach an agreement with the producers about the filming of “13 Years Later”.

Samburskaya began acting in 2008; She first appeared in the movie “Tell Leo” as a girl in the movies. After a couple of small roles, “Univer” came into her life. However, her career did not end there. After the successful program about students, the actress starred in the films “Women against men.” Holidays in Crimea”, “Vacation of the President”, “Mother-in-law” and other projects.

The actress has been a guest many times on various TNT shows, including “Battle of Psychics,” “Where is the Logic?” and others. She also starred in “The Mask” on NTV in the image of Moth. Since 2012 she has released singles. The last one, released in 2023, was called “Unrequited.”

Anna Kuzina as Yana Semakina

He did not star in “Univer: 13 years later”

Yana Semakina

Photo: TNT/TNT

Anna Kuzina played Yana Semakina, a good friend of Christina and Masha, whose personal life did not work out for a long time. Then the scriptwriters “took pity” on Yana and reunited her with Max (Konstantin Shelyagin). The cousin starred in “10 years later”, she introduced the public to her son Nikita Maxim, but the actress did not enter “13 years later”.

Cousin can boast that before “The New Dorm” he starred in a large number of projects. They were mostly television series, but their number exceeded 20! After “Univer”, the artist also entered dramatic and action-packed series: “Mute”, “Rehabilitation”, “Picnic”, “Frostbitten” and others.

During her career, Anna was actively involved in voice acting. She voiced Carly Shay in the series “iCarly”, she voiced the heroine in the show “Ghost” and in other projects.

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