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Friday, April 12, 2024
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How to choose the right mattress to sleep, taking into account your weight? The orthopedic doctor called the criteria.

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 20:00:29

leading doctor – traumatologist-orthopedist, podiatrist (specialist in diseases of the foot)

Each sleep attribute requires a separate study, and today we will talk about mattresses.

For a full-fledged quality sleep, many conditions must coincide:

correct time, body condition, lighting, humidity, noise reduction, body position, support for your anatomy and much more.

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Which mattress to choose

Each person is individual in their preferences. That’s why some people prefer to sleep on a very soft surface (a la grandma’s feather bed style), while others prefer a hard surface, comparable to a board. Read about how the heroine slept on the board here.

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Modern mattresses make it possible to take into account the individual characteristics of a person. The models include tens and hundreds of combinations of materials used, each of which has its own characteristics of rigidity, elasticity and durability.

However, to assess usability, mattresses are logically divided into five firmness classes:

soft, medium soft, medium hard, medium hard, hard.

As well as two equally important features of the mattress design: spring or springless.

spring or no spring

Without exaggeration, this is almost the main question that the buyer must answer for himself even before choosing the degree of rigidity. The presence of a block of springs in the design of the mattress with the same set of materials as in its version without springs significantly changes the feeling of use.

As a rule, mattresses without springs are used as guest or country mattresses. Less often, due to their own preferences due to the high elasticity.

Springless mattresses are also the best solution for families where children may jump on the bed, placing an extremely undesirable load on spring structures.

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Modern spring mattresses are not ones where elements can protrude from the surface and even injure you during sleep. To date, these are spring blocks that have their own characteristics of elasticity and rigidity. Each mattress consists of many such blocks, which are formed in separate areas (as a rule, the mattress is based on one type of spring block).

For their part, spring mattresses adapt better to the physiological characteristics of the owner, offer a wide range of degrees of rigidity and have a preventive orthopedic effect compared to models without springs.

A modern spring mattress is based on an independent spring block and combines a set of layers of comfortable padding in its various variants: soft natural latex, material with memory effect – memory, elastic hollow fiber, natural and hard coconut fiber.

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A sprung mattress is more suitable for long hours of sleep and rest, it helps to recover faster after daily stress and provides a high degree of comfort.

When designing mattresses, several zones are often made up, each of which is adapted to the individual anatomical characteristics of a person.

What else is there to take into account?

The choice of a mattress consists of two main aspects: the individual preferences of a person and the medical indications determined by a doctor.

What mattress to choose for an adult

In the absence of a special appointment with a doctor, everyone can focus on their personal feelings and preferences when choosing a softer or harder mattress. It is recommended to keep your balance and not take mattresses that are too soft or too hard to ensure optimal support for both the spine and all the muscles.

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Also an important factor in the selection of a suitable mattress is the buyer’s own weight. It must be taken into account that the degree of rigidity of a certain mattress model can be perceived differently with a weight of 40 kg and with a weight of 150 kg. The insole weight of the buyer, for which the manufacturer calculates the firmness of the mattress, is 75-80 kg.

For people with a great weight (from 120 kg), very hard mattresses are not recommended.

With this combination, the buyer during sleep and rest can be affected by the correct blood flow and oxygen supply to the soft tissues. The mattress will feel uncomfortable and sleep will be brief and episodic due to the need to change the position of the body frequently.

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As a rule, the principle “less age – harder mattress, older – softer” works. However, individual characteristics should also be remembered: lesions, hernias, protrusions, and the recommendations of the attending physician related to this.

What mattress is best for baby’s sleep?

For children, mattresses of medium hardness or more rigid are recommended. A child’s spine is still developing and surfaces that are too soft may not provide enough support.

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