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Friday, June 14, 2024
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How to make triathlon part of life? 4 athlete tips that will lead you to success

Date: June 14, 2024 Time: 19:13:49

Triathlon is a very versatile sport. Combine three disciplines at the same time: swimming, cycling and running. It requires a whole range of different qualities from athletes. And here, as in many other areas, the question arises: how to start? Let’s try to figure out what exactly a new triathlete needs to know.

triathlete, vice president of the Russian Tritalon Federation

Triathlon is difficult, expensive and tough. Mainly from trying to fit a strict training program into a life where there is work, family and hobbies.


This is exactly what the first mandatory element in the life of a triathlete sounds like. Would it seem so difficult? But in fact, many are extremely disdainful of sleep, and yet all the most important recovery processes in the body occur during this period.

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What do you need for a deep and quality sleep? First of all, develop a regimen, it is very important for the body to build an “internal clock”. Secondly, turn off all the lights in the bedroom and put curtains on the windows, it is also worth getting rid of all sources of noise if possible. And the last point: you must be comfortable sleeping, here the mattress, the pillow and the quality of the bedding play a role.

If you follow these rules, then over time you will notice how it has become easier to wake up, energy has increased during the day, and the effectiveness of training has increased.

Victoria Shubina: Of course, sometimes I get tired, because there were many events that took away my energy. If this happened, I will continue to build my life in such a way that I will definitely recover. I will get enough sleep, go to spas, theaters, meet my loved ones.


Time is one of the most valuable resources, so it must be taken under control. There is a simple action that will help you – get a planner, diary or calendar and make a daily routine. It doesn’t matter where you record everything, on paper or electronically. For convenience and to develop a habit, you can prescribe all the tasks for the next day every evening, and then monitor their implementation.

Count your time, fit your workouts to your life, and your life to your workouts. Here comes another point: consciousness. Take a close and objective look at your schedule, evaluate what you spend your time on, find something “extra”, pay attention to even the smallest things.

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Take, for example, social networks – you can enter them without even realizing it. Try to control this moment: instead of flipping through the news during the day, allocate 30-40 minutes in the morning and in the evening for such leisure. Then you can optimize your day and increase the amount of free time.

Victoria Shubina: I’m not in a hurry, rush causes tension, which causes unnecessary nerves and failures. To be successful, you need good time management. If you understand your main objective well, then do only what leads you to it, eliminating secondary things. I don’t watch any television, I don’t use social media much.

training and its effectiveness.

The correct training process is an incredibly important criterion, so it must also be built correctly. To do this, analyze it, monitor the body’s response to exercise and progress. How many kilometers did you run last month and how many can you run now? If you are satisfied with the result, go ahead, if not, think about what exercises to add to improve your training.

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The key to success will be the correct goals and action plan, which are built based on the competence you are striving for. It is important to take into account the time of preparation, the initial data and the capabilities of the body. Your sports activities must be complex, multidirectional and, most importantly, safe. They need to be prepared both mentally and physically.

Victoria Shubina: There are different trainings, you need to understand the essence of each one, realize what it means for you, what qualities are you developing at the moment. All this can be called a conscious and competent approach. In this case, a coach will help a lot, correctly and effectively bringing you to the goal.

More of Victoria’s sports experience in the article:


Victoria Shubina: the work of a coach is a great responsibility


Human beings are social beings, so the people around us play a very important role. To start the journey, it is important to choose a good coach who will motivate and instruct you, help you reach heights and surpass yourself. After all, this is not only a professional, but also his mentor and friend.

Also the support and support in overcoming this difficult task of adding sport to life will be your family and friends. Try calling them in for a workout or cheerleader at first, go for a run or bike ride on the weekend with family and friends. This will not only motivate you, but also unite you with loved ones in love for one thing.

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How to get rid of the fear of failure?

Victoria Shubina: The first IRONMAN, when I thought I would not reach the finish line, was an ordeal. I withdrew from the race to complete it, but in the end I rested and continued the race. There were many emotions: joy to reach the goal and disappointment that something went wrong, although there were many successful starts before.

Thanks to this race I got 3 basic rules:

Everything may not go as planned. There is always the opportunity to relax, recover and continue what you started. “As long as there’s tomorrow, I’m in the game.” There’s the next day where you can change everything and try again.


The secret of motivation is simple: you need to enjoy the process, and doing it is very simple. Find something pleasant in every action, if you haven’t found it, then create it. For example, if you love the sea and want a holiday on the coast, then the start of MRIYATHLON, which takes place in August in the Crimea, will suit you. You can take your family with you, relax in good weather to the sound of the waves and overcome the precious distance. Such a pleasant feeling and memory associated with sports will give you a bunch of emotions and a charge for training for the coming year.

You can learn more about MRIYATHLON in the Crimea in the material:

What is Mriyathlon 2023? Great guide to the main start of the triathlon in Crimea

It can be said for sure that triathlon, like any sport, will not completely absorb your life, but will only make it brighter and more interesting. Of course, you will have to try to understand how to train properly and build a daily routine, but this is only a small price to pay for distance success.

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