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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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How to relieve tension in the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle? 7 effective exercises with an MFR ball

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 20:39:01

Remember that unpleasant feeling after a hand workout, when it can be difficult to perform even the usual actions? Or maybe you suffer from pain in your neck, arms and shoulders after a day of working in an uncomfortable chair in front of the computer? Regardless of the reasons, there is only one solution to the problem: MFR training. It is not simply about rolling a ball or a roller over the body, but rather a whole series of exercises aimed at working the muscles.


“I want to share with you a series of exercises that will help you relieve neck pain, tension in your shoulders and arms, reduce discomfort in the area between your shoulder blades, reduce swelling in your face, and improve muscle function during weight training. force”.

What will we tell you about:

MFR for hands: why is it needed? How to practice?

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What is MFR training and why is it so popular? Let’s figure it out together with the instructor.

MFR for hands: why is it needed?

These three magic letters mean “myofascial release”, that is, self-massage. Myo is a muscle and fascia is a film of collagen, elastin and connective tissue that covers the muscle. They work on them during MFR training.

So what’s the connection between discomfort, swelling, and lack of muscle tone, and how can exercising on a massage roller affect all of this? And it won’t be difficult for us to explain it to you! MFR training helps relieve tension and relax overworked muscles. If this is not done, the movement of lymph and the outflow of fluid is hindered, as a result of which edema is formed.

In the case of weakened arm muscles, MFR helps to include them more effectively in strength work. This is due to an improvement in proprioception, that is, the sensation of body parts relative to each other. Thanks to exercise, neuromuscular connections in the central nervous system are better formed.

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How to practice?

To train you will need a massage ball, there are special ones for MFR, you can find them in sports stores or in Marketplaces. There is an alternative – a tennis ball, but here you should choose one that is not too soft. During the exercise, the sensations should be acceptable, severe pain should not be tolerated, the intensity of the impact should be reduced, or move on to the next exercise. And it is very important not to hold your breath.

Photo: Victoria Marakhovskaya

MFR of the top of the trapezoid.

Execution technique

Stand with your back to the wall, place the ball above your shoulder blade and lean against the wall. Roll the muscle lengthwise and widthwise, repeat on the other side.

Photo: Victoria Marakhovskaya

MFR of the middle and lower trapezius

Execution technique

Stand with your back to the wall, place the ball between your spine and shoulder blade, slightly bend your legs at the knees, this will make it more convenient to roll the ball, bending down a little and pushing yourself up, you will not have to stand. on tiptoe at the top point. Roll the muscle with the ball up and down along the spine. Repeat on the second side.

Photo: Victoria Marakhovskaya

MFR of the muscles of the scapular region.

Execution technique

Stand with your back to the wall, place the ball between your spine and the shoulder blade on the left side, extend your left arm to the opposite shoulder and press towards you with your right hand, feel how the shoulder blade moves away. Roll the ball throughout the space created and repeat on the right side.

MFR of the deltoid muscles of the shoulder.

Execution technique

Stand sideways to the wall, place the ball on top of your shoulder and rotate the side of your shoulder. You can use movements from left to right, up and down, and also circular movements. Stand with your back to the wall, also place the ball on top of your shoulder, roll the ball in all directions, turn to face the wall. Also work the front surface of the shoulder and repeat on the second side.

Photo: Victoria Marakhovskaya

MFR of the sternocleidomastoid muscle

Execution technique

Sit or lie down. Tilt or turn your head slightly and find a muscle that starts to insert from your collarbone and goes to the area behind your ear. Using the fingers of one hand, secure the base of the muscle. With gentle movements of the fingers of the second hand. , press this muscle from bottom to top, rub it with the fingers of your upper hand and repeat with the other side.

Photo: Victoria Marakhovskaya

MFR of the pectoral muscles

Execution technique

Sit or stand, keep your back straight, take the ball with your left hand. The shoulder of the right arm is stretched, do not turn it inwards. Roll the ball over the right pectoral muscle (avoiding the chest area), press the ball. Pay special attention and stay where you feel discomfort. Breathe calmly, perform the movements gently, gently Repeat on the left side.

Photo: Victoria Marakhovskaya

Victoria Marakhovskaya: Those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer using the mouse can develop carpal tunnel syndrome. It is characterized by numbness in the fingers and is accompanied by pain in the wrist joint, due to compression of the nerve between the muscles and tendons. In this case, I advise you to use a vertical mouse, which eliminates twisting of the forearm bones and reduces muscle tension and pressure on the nerve endings.

MFR Forearm Ball

Execution technique

You will need a ball, here you can take a smaller and more textured one, and a hard horizontal surface, such as a table, sit next to the table, place the ball on it, rotate your forearm (from wrist to elbow), apply a little pressure on the ball, then place the ball on the front of the forearm, roll this area pressing lightly on the ball, repeat with the other hand.

Photo: Victoria Marakhovskaya

Do this series of exercises before training, during breaks between work, or in the morning. And very soon you will notice the result, you will feel lightness in your arms and shoulder girdle. Take care of your body and it won’t be in debt.

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