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Monday, April 15, 2024
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If even after the weekend there is no strength: 12 ways to return vital energy

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Power dips happen to everyone. On days like this, we don’t have the strength to do anything. The mood is zero, it is difficult for us to cope with a simple task. He is constantly sleepy and it seems that there is no desire. It is difficult even to get up from the sofa… Why is this happening and how to replenish energy reserves?

Why is it leaving and how do I get it back?

1. Chronic stress

Stressful events in the world lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. We get tired of worrying and we run out of strength. If we add to this professional stress (for example, among medical workers), in addition to general fatigue, there will also be a decrease in empathy.

How to help yourself?

Any relaxation technique will work, including breathing exercises and muscle relaxation practices. It is also worth contacting a psychologist. It is necessary to work with anxiety, resentment, increased distrust and hypersensitivity.

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2. Sleep disturbance

Lack of sleep exacerbates feelings of nervousness and fatigue. The latter, in turn, potentiates the manifestations of inflammatory diseases. In fact, the duration of the night’s rest does matter. Both short and too long sleep are equally harmful.

How to help yourself?

Regulate your sleep and wake wastes based on circadian rhythms. Go to bed before 22:00 and get up between 6 and 7 in the morning. Avoid strenuous physical activity at night. Sleep in a well-ventilated area and exclude all light and sound sources, including blue screen light. You can use an eye mask, earplugs, and blackout curtains.

We read important things about normal sleep:

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3. Lack of physical activity

Inactivity, lying on the sofa is not at all a saving and accumulation of energy, as it might seem at first glance, but a condition for the development of chronic fatigue. Active movement awakens the entire metabolism of the body, which, in turn, gives it energy. Therefore, sport reduces fatigue instead of increasing it.

How to help yourself?

The advice is simple: move more! Even if you feel sluggish and heavy, go for a walk and breathe. You will feel an influx of strength. And regularity is also important for the body’s energy. Many people believe that exercising twice a week is enough. The rest of the time they spend in a semi-recumbent state. It is important for the body to have energy and mobility at all times, both in the gym and in everyday life.

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4. Dehydration

We don’t realize how much water we drink. And at this time, even a slight lack of water causes lethargy and weakness. Immediately, not only the energy level decreases, but also the mental performance. This is one of the first signs that you are dehydrated.

How to help yourself?

Drinking water. Pay special attention to this. In the morning you can drink water with lemon. Sometimes this is enough. You will see, you will no longer want coffee or tea with cookies.

5. Lack of sun

The sun is not the most frequent guest in autumn and winter in Russian latitudes. At the same time, many researchers associate fatigue, lethargy, and laziness with vitamin D deficiency.

How to help yourself?

Capture every moment of warm sunny days, walk, and also include oily fish, liver, egg yolks and dairy products in your diet. When vitamin D levels are low, it makes sense to take it in the form of medications.

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6. Caffeine overload

Excessive consumption of coffee, tea, and energy drinks leads to chronic fatigue. The reason is simple – you are artificially activating the release of energy in the body. Then there is a rollback or rollback process. You feel like you need more. You drink the tonic again. Thus, the process of going up and down during the day becomes endless. As a result, there is less and less power left.

How to help yourself?

Replace coffee with a walk or light exercise. By the way, your favorite song, along with an impromptu dance, invigorates like coffee. In addition, the effect will be longer and without kickbacks.

About the ability to save energy:

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How to replenish energy – general advice

1. Do yoga

All over the world, yoga is actively included in the therapeutic course after serious illnesses. It restores the flow of energy, due to which regulation occurs at the level of the body and at the level of the psycho-emotional state.

2. Get a massage

Massage relieves stiffness and localized muscle spasms, and also helps eliminate chronic fatigue and increase energy. He is loved not only by the body, but also by the brain, tired of an excess of information, for which it is important to rest.

3. Adjust your diet

A sharp restriction of the daily caloric content causes weakness, dizziness and foggy head. Nutritional deficiencies can cause the thyroid to slow down and rob you of vital energy. The opposite is also bad – when there are too many heavy foods in the diet. Excessive consumption of sugary and fatty foods, as well as overly copious lunches and dinners, cause a state of laziness and general inertia.

It is better to divide your diet into five meals, consisting of small portions. The digestion process will be faster and easier. There will be more energy in the body.

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4. Let your eyes rest

Most of the time, many of us spend in front of a computer or mobile screen. Thus, 90% of the information we receive through the organs of vision. If you give your eyes a rest, the nervous system will also rest.

It is advisable to take breaks every hour. Then the body will have time to replenish the energy supply. In fact, it is enough to look away from the screen and look out the window, close your eyes and listen to pleasant music.

5. Meditate

The everyday things that people deal with during the day imperceptibly cause stress and loss of vitality. For example, when we start the morning not with good thoughts and gymnastics, but with social networks that excite our psyche (after all, there can be anything).

It is important to create a positive mood for the day and accustom the brain to calmly perform one task without switching to another. The practice of meditation helps in this. At first, you will be constantly distracted and your thoughts will wander somewhere, but over time you will begin to succeed. The main thing is to put away the mobile and create a quiet space.

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6. Order

Clutter is exhausting and creates internal chaos and turmoil. If we have to constantly search for some things, we waste our energy. Get rid of the excess. For starters, you can clean up your desktop. Then, little by little, go through all the things and leave only what is necessary. Deleting old files and photos from your computer and mobile is also a good idea.

How to replenish feminine energy?

Women are by nature very sensitive, empathetic and multitasking. Since they are also a source of energy for their loved ones, it is especially important for them to be in a state of resources.

To avoid “energy wells”, it is best to make a list of activities that will help you fill up, practice several of them a day. It can be a walk in the park, a visit to the spa, a meeting with friends, a quiet hour, dancing, listening to music, talking with like-minded people, reading a book, watching a movie, eating tasty and healthy food, inhaling essential oils.

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By the way, essential oils and aromatherapy have a particularly good effect on the emotional state of a woman. Lavender essential oil works very well: it reduces fatigue and relaxes. Also jasmine and rose. They are filled with feminine energy.

Meditation to replenish energy

Restoration meditation can be done any time you feel low on energy. To do this, create a secluded and safe space for yourself, take a comfortable position, breathe deeply and calmly, let your body relax.

Imagine a clear sky above you with passing clouds. Tell yourself that this is the unlimited space of your possibilities. Feel the ground under you as a solid and reliable support. Feel how the earth supports you. Imagine that your body is a vessel full of vitality.

The energy comes in the form of a golden stream from the sky and as a red stream from the center of the earth. It moves evenly throughout the body, gradually filling those areas that need it most. Feel how the tension leaves your body. It is full of pure energy, which circulates throughout the body, filling you with vitality and joy.

Words that fill you with energy:

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