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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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In Nizhny they expected a scandal, but they had a brilliant ending. Everything was decided with a goal in added time

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 11:16:02

In Nizhny they expected a scandal, but they had a brilliant ending. Everything was decided with a goal in added time

Anatoly Romanov December 2, 2023, 21:44 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Paris NN defeated Ural amid strange rumors about the referee of this match.

Paris NN defeated Ural in Nizhny Novgorod thanks to a goal in added time.

Before this match, they talked about the referee Evgeny Turbin, allegedly suspected of receiving a bribe of 5 million rubles, and about the odds of bookmakers that suddenly increased in favor of Ural. For Turbin, by the way, the match in Nizhny Novgorod was only the third in the current RPL season. The general director of the NN of Paris, David Melik-Guseinov, responded to the rumors surrounding the rival and the referee:

“The game hasn’t started yet and everyone is already writing all kinds of things. We are preparing for the game, we do not read what they write, we are preparing to meet the team. Any torpedo story is unpleasant. Didn’t that information come from the environment? No, we are not supporters of this approach, that’s for sure. We are not facing a story like that, at all” (in an interview for Match TV).

In the first half, perhaps only one Turbin decision raised big questions. After Ayupov’s foul on Kakkoev, who was playing as a defensive midfielder in this match, the referee called a foul in favor of Viktor Goncharenko’s team. Although the infraction could have led to a yellow card for the Ural midfielder. Otherwise, the referee interfered little in the game (once he also awarded a dangerous and non-obvious free kick in favor of the Urals) and there were few controversial episodes. Although football was more a battle for points than creativity: a lot of martial arts, fighting for the rebound and marriage.

Juran’s team was offended by the judges in the 16th round of the RPL:

Karpin’s Rostov once again received “help” from the referees. Table of judges’ errors after round 16

The opponents did not put much pressure on each other: the defenders had the opportunity to launch attacks without pressure. However, the teams of Goncharenko and Sergei Yuran lacked good passing irritatingly. In some attacks, Ural found space on the wings and threatened with crosses, but nothing more. The hero of the match against Krasnodar, Ayupov, scored dangerously a couple of times. Until the break, the Yekaterinburg team had two shots on goal, while Paris NN had none. Classic winter football, which we are used to seeing in the Russian championship in December.

In the second half, the teams of Goncharenko and Yuran continued the “tug of war”, which, probably, only specialists were interested in watching. For Frozen fans, this is unlikely. The team’s forwards played as if they were alone. After an hour of play, Bikfalvi had three touches of the ball in the opponent’s area, Kutateladze two, Sevikyan and Shettin one each. The only blow of this quartet was dealt by the Ural Romanians, and even that was blocked. In general, after the break, it was Ayupov himself who scored first after only 20 minutes of play.

Some coaches say that football begins from the 70th minute, when, due to the players’ fatigue, concentration and compactness are lost, and more free space appears. In this match, the field came alive in the second half. In addition, the coaches refreshed the game with substitutions, including the attack: Kashtanov appeared on the field in Ural, and Boscelli in Paris NN. “Ural” could take advantage of one of its strengths: set pieces. Bikfalvi was close to scoring, gaining the air, but the goal was not high enough for the Romanian.

Judge Turbin ended up working normally: he did not “kill” or hurt anyone. If there were any errors in the second 45+ minutes, they were minimal. By the way, this match became the hundredth in the Russian championship. And Ekaterina Kurochkina, who worked on the sidelines, made her debut in the RPL as an assistant referee. She also coped with her work, although one day Kakkoev behaved ungentlemanly and said something rude to her. But Kakkoev himself became a hero for the locals: he gave Pari NN the victory in added time! It all started when Kulakov gave the ball to Kukharchuk in front of his area and ended with a throw-in, after which the midfielder went ahead of Italo.

Video rights belong to National Sports Channel LLC. You can watch the video on the Match Premier Telegram channel.

This was only Paris NN’s second shot on goal in the entire match (shot statistics – 7:10, on goal – 2:4, from the penalty area – 2:6).

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