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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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In Russian chess a super battle took place between Kramnik and Esipenko. The ending surprised everyone.

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 19:56:04

From February 18 to 22, one of the most anticipated events in the world of chess took place in Rostov-on-Don. The fourteenth world champion, 48-year-old Vladimir Kramnik, who has already officially completed his glorious career, but who enjoys participating in various “light” chess events, played a “friendship match” with the leader of the young Russian chess players , Andrei Esipenko. .

In the 2023-2025 championship cycle, the young Don grandmaster was one step away from entering the Candidates Tournament: he was the leader in the Grand Swiss for a long time, and only a loss in the last round to Anish Giri ruined the dream. Andrey classification. . However, Esipenko’s rating now exceeds 2700 and he is one of the main hopes of the Russian Chess Federation, which has signed a contract with the 21-year-old grandmaster to provide him with assistance and support.

Great interview with Esipenko for the “Championship”:


“I just wanted to look at the wall.” First interview with Esipenko after the Grand Swiss drama

The format of the duel between Kramnik and Esipenko was unusual: six games in rapid and up to 24 in blitz; The former world champion wanted to repeat the marathon distance of his legendary fight against Garry Kasparov * (included in the list of individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent), which took place in the late 90s -x in the Cosmos casino .

In the southern capital, the fight was held in the most luxurious hotel in the city and the competition itself attracted a large number of spectators. At the weekend, Andrei Esipenko gave a session to the city’s young athletes and won 14:1 (the tie was achieved by the young Vanya Belik and his author’s son, Andrei Kryakvin). And Vladimir Kramnik gave a two-hour lecture about his life path and the fight for the world crown, and then answered all the questions in detail.

Kramnik has recently started a war against cheaters:

“I will do everything to save chess.” Kramnik’s strong statement after the match with Niemann

Before the match, the experts made their predictions and the majority leaned towards the most experienced chess player. Kramnik held a training camp before the match, then practiced against multiple world blitz champion Alexander Grischuk, losing with a minimum score of 4.5:5.5. And the latest results of Andrei Esipenko with shortened checks did not look as convincing as in the classics: at the World Rapid and Blitz Championship in Uzbekistan (end of 2023), the chess player Don did not play very well.

The first day of play (three quick games) did not determine the leader. After a quiet draw in the first game, Kramnik took the initiative in the second and crushed his opponent’s position, but in the third game he was quick to take advantage of his success, hastily sacrificing a rook, while underestimating his cold defense. Esipenko. – 1.5:1.5.

The second day the balance tipped towards experience. Andrey won in the fourth game and in the fifth he was immediately knocked down: Vladimir Kramnik again carried out a consistent offensive.

The sixth game was very nervous. The local team acted unsuccessfully at first, but in the complications they equalized the position. However, Kramnik did not want to accept the draw, which ultimately led to a dramatic result.

“Friendship Party” Andrei Esipenko – Vladimir Kramnik

Quick, game six. February 19, 2024

After such a terrible blow, Vladimir Kramnik had a significant advantage. He led 4: 2, moreover, according to the rules of the match, if Andrei Esipenko won back these two points in blitz, Kramnik would remain the winner: preference was given to victory in rapids.

After the day off, the opponents began to compete with lightning-fast control. The former world champion continued to act very creatively and sacrificed a lot. And Esipenko, with his coach, grandmaster Alexander Ryazantsev, had many surprises in store in the openings and, moreover, under time pressure, the younger participant sometimes performed much more tenaciously.

Esipenko initially took a two-point lead, but Kramnik closed the gap. After nine games, Andrei led with a score of 5:4, but Vladimir Borisovich had every chance to recover, and then a real disaster occurred.

“Friendship Party” Andrei Esipenko – Vladimir Kramnik

Bombardment, game 10. February 21, 2024

A tough defeat, after which the eminent grandmaster “sailed” and lost two more final games. To the delight of the home fans, after the first 12 blitz games, Esipenko led 8:4 and took a two-point lead into the entire match. However, given the priority of the rapids, Kramnik had the opportunity to recover; In the remaining 12 games he needed to score seven points.

Looking back, it is clear that Vladimir Kramnik was already feeling unwell at the end of the bombing: he constantly went to wash his face, took some medications, and asked to leave the press conference on the third day. Unfortunately, thunder broke out the next day: two hours before the start of the 13th blitz game, the former world champion fell seriously ill.

The organizer of the tournament, the president of the Chess Federation of the Rostov region, Harutyun Surmalyan, summoned a team of doctors. They decided not to hospitalize Vladimir Kramnik, but a doctor was constantly on duty with him and the 14th world champion was given IVs. As it turned out, he felt better that night; the head of the Russian Federation, Andrei Filatov, and the first deputy chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Alexander Zhukov, immediately spoke with him by phone. However, the famous chess player still needs bed rest for a few more days.

Vladimir Kramnik fell ill

Photo: From the personal archive of Vladimir Kramnik.

Initially, the organizers hoped to finish the match, but after talking with the doctors it turned out that it was impossible, especially since in the next few days Andrei Esipenko would leave for Moscow to play in the big Aeroflot Open tournament.

Due to the impossibility of completing the match in the planned format, the main referee Elena Polovina declared Esipenko the winner of the match with a score of 10:8 (2:4 + 8:4), without finishing the remaining 12 blitz games.

Unfortunately, the spectacular fight was left unfinished. The organizers of the Don wish Vladimir Kramnik good health, but it has already been announced that Harutyun Surmalyan, inspired by Andrey’s successful game, will look for a new super rival for the young chess player and, in addition, hopes that the 14th world champion will visit him. the capital of the Don.

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