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“It hit me like a ton of bricks.” Toews has suspended his race, but can he come back?

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 17:22:29

Hockey loses someone every year, but it seems the current lull between seasons is anomalous on its end. Rodion Amirov’s death is not the only, although the main, reason to shed a tear.

Danis Zaripov and Nigel Dawes, Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, Petri Kontiola and Sami Lepisto have retired from the game, and this is also sad. The day before, a new surname appeared on the “retirement list” – Teyvz.

Kreychi’s penetrating speech:

“It’s never a good time to leave the NHL.” David Krejci says goodbye to Boston

“I would like to announce that I am not retiring, but that I will take a break next season,” said the 35-year-old striker. “I cannot deny my love for hockey and I still have a passion for tournaments at the highest level. However, the last few seasons have been very difficult due to my health problems, I am focused on giving myself time to fully recover and enjoy life to the fullest again. Along the way, I met some people who were struggling with health issues related to the chronic immune response after the coronavirus. Thank you to everyone who supported me and respected my privacy.”

The ex-captain of ‘Chicago’ does not ensure that he will leave forever. As, however, and he does not promise to return. It seems that Toews is simply taking a break and not realizing which way he will go when the designated time is up.

Two words instead of a thousand:

“He turned Chicago around. Kane on playing Jonathan Toews

In the last season, the striker played and was treated in a ratio of 1:1. The Canadian participated in 53 regular season games and set three personal records: assists (16), points (31) and utility indicator. (“-31”). In fact, Taves’ season ended at the end of January. After throwing himself on Edmonton’s doorstep, he took a two-month sick leave.

Jonathan, unlike many other hockey players his age, wasn’t concerned with his knees or ligaments: the problem was much deeper in the body. “I am still struggling with long-term coronavirus symptoms and chronic inflammatory response syndrome,” the striker admitted. – It was really difficult to play with these symptoms. In the last few weeks, it got to the point where I had no choice but to back off and focus on being healthy.”

Chronic inflammatory response syndrome is not a disease in the classical sense. Pills, injections, and droppers won’t help in the fight against it, largely because the accompanying symptoms are totally unpredictable. The syndrome causes the body to react unnaturally to the slightest stimulus: for example, minimal stress can be accompanied by temperature fluctuations, physical activity at home “hammers” the muscles, and cosmetic changes in the diet inflate the stomach. . But the worst thing is that these manifestations occur, as a rule, quite suddenly.

Toews was long silent, first speaking out about the issues when he missed the season, which resumed in January 2021 after a covid break. But the Chicago captain’s statement brought confusion rather than clarity: “This offseason, I experienced symptoms that made me feel exhausted and lethargic. I work with doctors to better understand my condition. Until I get my health back and feel like I can play at the elite level and help my team, I won’t be joining Chicago in training camp. I do not have an exact date of when I will return to the team. I am very disappointed, but it would be unfair to me or my teammates to try to play in my current state.”

Toews with one of three Stanley Cups in his career

Photo: ZumaTASS

In the winter of 2020, Jonathan had an infection and it was mild. But in the spring his health gradually worsened, and in the autumn he became very ill. Toews left one of the practices 10 minutes after the start. “At that moment, I began to doubt what he was doing,” said the athlete. – Why do I go out on the ice when I feel so bad? What am I trying to achieve? He hit me like a ton of bricks. But of course I did the same thing again. I took a week off and tried to get back on the ice.”

Teyvz’s analyzes did not show any deviations from the norm, and doctors puzzled over the clinical picture for a long time; In the end, they attributed everything to covid. The hockey player himself put forward a different version: “I think it’s all in the style of my game. I was never very talented, I wasn’t a star even at the child level, and therefore I always had to work harder than others. On ice, I always fight a lot, often find myself in a power struggle, work out on both halves of the ice, constantly play on the penny or under the goal. I believe that this style of play, along with thousands of games and training sessions, could have a detrimental effect on my body and health.

Between the last game and Jonathan’s return, he spent 421 days out of play. Is there a possibility of a second comeback? Toews certainly won’t get any younger during the lost year, and the clubs’ doubts about his form will only grow stronger, so it’s hard to seriously consider any contender willing to take a wild risk. Not a single applicant will be able to find even a conditional million below the ceiling for such an agreement. And if Jonathan wants to climb Enkhael’s top again, he will most likely disappoint him at the satellite search stage.

Toews isn’t the only icebreaker against all odds:

“His goals give me goosebumps.” Father’s stroke, injuries and death didn’t break NHL legend

But maybe the hockey player’s desire is limited to playing? Then a fan of options unfolds in front of him. There are enough teams in the league that have entered perestroika, and they will not only not refuse an experienced mentor on satisfactory terms, but will fight.

However, in fact, only one question matters: can Taves fool his own body? A couple of weeks ago, insiders reported that Edmonton was interested in the services of a veteran, where a vacancy was open for center forward. It is extremely curious how the negotiations ended and who rejected whom. If the player said no, then it’s not clear what he wants; and if the club, then the probability of returning Jonathan is already calculated in small amounts. When a 35-year-old hockey player is haunted by a series of nightmarish health problems, he’s bad. But when a 36-year-old hockey player is dogged by a series of nightmarish health problems and misses the season on top of it, it’s even worse.

It’s a pity that sooner or later the troubles in this quest will eventually win.

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