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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Larionov listened to “Soviet sport”, respected the laws of the playoffs and won

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 02:54:49

This series, as the Professor predicted, promises to be long. In the first game (3:1), the Torpedo team more than adequately responded to the injection of Moscow “Dynamo” – 5:2. The teams move to the capital.

Everything about this confrontation is, by and large, clear. Already in the second meeting, the opponents showed all their trump cards. Today they turned out to be more significant on the Volga. But Dynamo’s crazy start to the second period, when the Muscovites defeated the hosts 12-0 in six minutes, plus the final balance of power moves – 36-8 in favor of the blue and whites, suggests that on Monday everyone in Petrovsky The park can change 180 degrees.

The Torpedo players drew conclusions after the defeat in match number 1 and, as requested by Soviet Sport, simplified the game. No, the teacher’s girls did not refuse to control the puck all over the site. However, in a foreign zone, they no longer engaged in battles of local importance in a positional attack. If the attack was choked on the move, they would return the puck to the blue line and quickly charge from there. Hoping to correct, rebound, finish off. At the same time, of course, one or even two attackers blocked the goalkeeper’s view.

This is how the first four goals flew to the visiting goal. True, the first – in the majority. And the second – already in the 6th minute, almost from the second release of “Torpedo”. The hero of the previous match, Konovalov, was already disqualified in the opening, which Alexey Kudashov instantly noticed and sent into Volkov’s goal. We must pay tribute to the coach – this move fully justified itself – the next goal was scored by the car factory only in the third period with a score of 2:1.

Yes, the torpedoes were rebuilt, the initial third one was left behind them. But Dynamo, to some extent, gave the game to the hosts themselves, failing to finish off the opposition in the twenty-minute second half. In its early days, as we mentioned earlier, there was only one team on the ice. It became clear how Dynamo intends to take this series, well, of course, by force in motion! In keeping with the motto of an illustrious society.

Taking advantage of the absolute advantage in size, the blue and whites simply paralyzed Larionov’s miniature runners, chasing them on every meter of ice. The goal of the return was indicative. The guests arranged a hybrid probros. Muranov rolled onto Fedotov from behind, tossed the puck across the backboard, where Kablukov was already guarding him. Instant transfer to a penny on Dzhioshvili’s stick – take it out, Kulbakov! Truly childish mate in three movements. Igor Nikolaevich, however, believes that the judges made a mistake there, not fixing the icing. But here, alas, you can’t rewind anything.

Everything, in general, was in the hands of Dynamo. Artlessly suppressed torpedovtsy threw the puck, unable to carry out at least some significant counterattack. But the Muscovites stupidly exaggerated. In the 29th minute, Malyshev, in his area of ​​the boards, in a harmless situation, got into the opposite room. Two minutes from most of the hosts was enough to take a breather and recover, and this minority completely knocked out all the momentum for the guests.

Well, and then Dzhioshvili, too, inadvertently stayed next to Atanasov. The doctors led Vasily by the arms to the locker room, and Maxim sat in the penalty area for five minutes.

This is how the song “Dynamo” was sung. Shortly after the second break, Fedotov recovered with a well-aimed shot from distance, and Voronin managed it on 47′ on rebound after another shot almost from Konyushkov’s blue line. 4:1. The game is done.

I say: the professor, together with his clever students, drew conclusions: do not be wise without reason, close the goalkeeper, fall from all points and correct, finish off, bring him with meat.

An interesting matchup is coming up, I tell you. With a claim to a golden story! Sometimes “Torpedo” reminded me today of the Red Car of Larionov’s time, and “Dynamo” reminded me of the Canadian team from the 1972 Super Series.

Whose will it take? I hope that on Monday the luxurious palace in Petrovsky Park will be full. Come all, if possible! I guarantee you will not regret it. This magnificence is not to be missed!

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