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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Overshoes for registration. Soviet Speed ​​Skater Modest Charm

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 09:31:54

The face of Maria Isakova is well known to millions of Muscovites. In fact, many of them are not even aware of it. On one of the famous bas-reliefs depicting athletes at the Dynamo metro station, it is she who looks at them, the one who was destined to lay the foundation for the victories of our skaters on the world stage for many years. Numismatists may also recognize Isakova: 11 years ago, the Bank of Russia issued a coin that also depicts her. The coin is made of silver, but the entire sports career of Maria passed under the sign of another, more honorable metal in sports.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

Against all odds

Isakova began her journey in a gymnastics circle, but quickly moved to the skating section. At the same time, for some time her hobby was a secret from her parents. At her first competitions in her native Kirov (which Maria used to call Vyatka until the last years of her life), she set two city records, and when the question of a gift arose, she modestly asked a pair of galoshes The organizers couldn’t help but laugh, but Maria was persistent. And when she was asked about the prize for the second album, she was still confused: apart from her shoes, she didn’t need anything. As a result, she Isakova also received a coat. Then the fate of the talented athlete took a tragic turn, along with the fate of the whole country. Her husband died at the front, her youngest daughter died. But Maria continued to work at the hospital, constantly repeating that it was not difficult for her alone. And after the end of the war, she again returned to the ice rink, deciding to devote herself entirely to the sport.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

three wins

In 1948, the most experienced coach Ivan Anikanov began to work with Isakova. At that time, Maria had already won her first world championship, which was held in Turku, Finland. She made adjustments to the athlete’s technique, taking into account that she is left-handed, while not only her left arm, but also her leg was stronger. Anikanov made this feature the most powerful trump card of the athlete. A year later, at the Norwegian Konsberg, she repeated her success. After the finish line, the Norwegian king himself applauded the Soviet speed skater. At the home world championship in 1950, she could not lose, and she forever went down in history as the first three-time all-around world championship winner. Maria could have become four times, but the Soviet sports leadership, due to disagreements with the organizers, decided not to send skaters to Sweden.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

incredible modesty

Throughout her life, Maria Isakova seemed ashamed of her successes. At her second World Championships, after finishing the 3000 meters, she stunned Norwegian journalists by trying to yell at her teammate Zoya Kholshchevnikova to tell her the time and call attention to errors in technique. . “You support a competitor”, they were amazed. But Maria saw in front of her not a rival, but a friend that she could and should help. After many years, Isakova was honored in Moscow when she was informed that her home stadium in Kirov had been named in her honor. Maria could not hold back her tears, and she only said: “How could I, a simple Vyatka girl, dream of such a thing?” It’s just that a simple Vyatka girl tried her best to be grateful even to those who had never seen her on the ice rink.

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