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Monday, March 4, 2024
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The Bellator fighter survived cardiac arrest, like footballer Eriksen. Unfortunately, there were no doctors around.

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 04:18:55

The Bellator fighter survived cardiac arrest, like footballer Eriksen. Unfortunately, there were no doctors around.

Igor Nekrasov July 7, 2023, 19:00 Moscow time

Chris Lencioni is badly injured, but is fighting stubbornly for his life.

In June, a frankly terrible situation occurred in the world of martial arts: Bellator fighter Chris Lencioni suffered a cardiac arrest during training.

“This is Chris’s wife, Mark. On June 8, an incident occurred: when Chris was training, he suffered a cardiac arrest. The athletes in the gym were great and immediately called 9-1-1, doing everything they could to keep him alive until the medics arrived. Now we are in another state. Chris is under the care of excellent doctors. This is me and most of our family. We are all looking forward to progress, which we are sure my husband will definitely achieve. We will be grateful if he prays for us. If his kids want to make a card or something, take it to the gym and we’ll make sure Chris gets it. We are in uncharted territory and living from day to day. Thank you for his continued support, ”wrote the wrestler’s wife.

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Thanks to other fighters at the gym where Lencioni trained, as well as the quick action of the doctors, Chris’s life was saved. True, the situation developed extremely difficult. The wrestler brought to the hospital did not regain consciousness for several weeks, the doctors gave disappointing prognoses. The Bellator League asked everyone to pray for the health of a fighter, because in such situations it doesn’t matter what organization you represent, what state you are a fighter in, whether you are a champion or a rookie. All of this is set aside when a person fights their main battle, the reward for winning which is not a title and money, but life.

And Chris keeps fighting. After several weeks of unconsciousness, good news came from the clinic where the fighter is: Lencioni has regained consciousness and is responding to external stimulation. In the video, which was posted on social media, Chris is barely seen after kissing his wife. Of course, the fighter’s condition is still extremely difficult, but these were the first positive developments.

So Chris already took the lead in this fight and quickly began to come back to life. Yesterday the fighter took his first steps with outside help. Chris’s wife reported that his cognition has improved and he is even trying to speak, although Lencioni has a tracheostomy in his neck.

There is still a very long process of rehabilitation and recovery ahead. According to doctors, Chris suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen. But the doctors have already abandoned the most terrible forecasts, Chris’s progress in recent days gives hope for a favorable outcome.

According to press reports, Lencioni will install a pacemaker, which will help prevent heart problems in the future. The same was installed for the Danish footballer Christian Eriksen, who suffered a similar cardiac arrest during a Eurocup match. Yes, the situations are a bit different: Eriksen received immediate medical attention, so the consequences were much less severe than in Chris’s case. But Lencioni shows the true character of a fighter and the will to live.

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Now Chris is still fighting outside the Octagon, fighting for his health, and this is much more important and meaningful than all the victories he had in the cage. Along with him is family, loved ones, friends, the fighting community and thousands of people who may never have known his name before. And thanks to this support and unwavering character, Lencioni is moving towards the main goal: recovery and return to normal life.

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