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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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“Spartak” without Abascal destroyed “Alas”! The home team’s revenge was especially good in the first half.

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 10:39:20

“Spartak” without Abascal destroyed “Alas”! The home team’s revenge was especially good in the first half.

Dmitry Zimin December 9, 2023, 16:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The guests had many chances, but Maksimenko played very well.

It’s time for Spartak to give a masterclass in how to get into a difficult situation, receive a lot of criticism, but then overcome it heroically and against all odds. Let’s look at the last games of Abascal’s team: a disastrous first half in the Cup against Orenburg (0-1), a failure in Grozny with Akhmat (1-2) with Abascal sent off and then the game against Wings. With a frost of -11 degrees and probably already in the pre-holiday mood. And also in the absence of Ryabchuk, Litvinov, Bongond and Ignatov. These encounters usually turn into a boring game with players running around mainly to keep warm. And here Spartak surprised everyone. However, they weren’t the only ones who behaved well on the field.

Before the game, people traditionally appeared on the grass to measure time. The interior of the container, due to heating, is somewhat higher than the exterior. They recorded minus 11. There were no reasons to cancel the game. A big advantage is the lack of snowfall in the capital. Therefore, players have almost nothing to complain about. Yes cold. But without other disasters.

Naturally, the owners had a special motivation. In the first round in Samara they received four goals. And they themselves couldn’t score a single one. But the current “Wings” are clearly not the same as at the beginning of the season. They are no longer as reactive in attack, they score fewer goals and make many mistakes in defense. It is probably due to fatigue, the lack of a long bench and simply the lack of experience of many young footballers. But in the first 10 minutes of the last match before the break, the guests seemed not to be on the field.

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But Promes got involved immediately: already in the second minute, Martins threw the ball into the area from the right flank. Quincy handled it well and fired a couple of seconds later. The ball, with a slight bounce off Evgeniev’s foot, rolled to the side of the goal where Lomaev was not.

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The “Wings” then ran into the attack once and then knocked the ball out of their goal again. This time, Khlusevich shot from the flank directly at Soldatenkov’s foot. The Krylia defender elegantly passed the ball to Sobolev, who missed.

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Someone definitely thought “Wings” would end there. They usually start quickly, but then they concede two goals. But it wasn’t there. The remaining 35 minutes of the half proved very eventful. The teams seemed to have forgotten about defense and were just trying to score.

Already in the next attack, Spartak could have completely buried the opponent, but Lomaev did not allow Sobolev to score a double. Interestingly, the Spartak striker was in the starting lineup only for the second time in the last five RPL matches. But he was a great help.

Alexander Sobolev in the match against Krylia

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

The Wings then had a couple of chances, but in both cases the players were slightly offside. However, the signal was received: Spartak’s defense was far from ideal. Then an even more intense exchange of moments began. Promes controlled the crossbar and crossbar, Rakhmanovich first hit from close range and then into the top corner. But he first helped Maksimenko and then Spartak, a kind of miracle.

The guests certainly scored a goal, but the ball simply refused to enter the goal. It is logical that Osinkin did not change anything during the break. The coach probably expected a comeback. But after Rakhmanovich ruined another chance, Spartak scored the third. This time thanks to the efforts of Martins, one of the best players in the game.

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A couple of minutes later, Sobolev could have scored the fourth, but missed. And then the game seemed to end. The pace dropped sharply: everyone understood the result and did not want to suffer unnecessary injuries. Various substitutions of “Wings” changed nothing.

Spartak scored 30 points and temporarily took fifth place. CSKA can still get them out of there, but only if they beat Krasnodar. The “wings” are now in sixth place. But the main thing is that the locals took revenge for their humiliation in the first round. Pragmatic. And even without Abascal on the sidelines.

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