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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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The game in Krasnodar was killed by medical breaks. Soccer players forgot why they came together

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 22:14:13

Krasnodar’s home game, which took the top of the table after two rounds against Sergei Yuran’s team, which did not achieve a single victory, at first glance did not promise a storm of emotions and too much passion on the pitch. Few doubted the final victory of the southerners before the opening whistle. As for the final result, the meteorologists were not wrong. But it is unlikely that someone will turn their tongues to call the first match of the third round of the Russian Premier League boring.

early replacement

The game began at a leisurely pace, and as the teams slowly searched for the clues to each other’s goal, the unexpected happened on the brink. Side referee Dmitry Semyonov unsuccessfully stumbled and fell to the grass. The medical staff immediately understood that the linesman would likely need a replacement. Substitute referee Roman Safyan immediately began the warm-up. And after helping Semyonov, having accepted the flag and equipment, he entered the game.

After that, the players were also replaced. Hard martial arts followed one after another. Teams of doctors from both sides barely had time to get back into place as another player appeared on the pitch. The most surprising thing is the fact that before the break the teams remained without substitutions.

The only moment of the game that deserved attention before the break ended with a goal. Nikolai Kalinsky opened his hands wide in his penalty area and the ball hit one of them. Artyom Lyubimov was invited to the monitor, and after a not too long video review, the main referee signaled the point. Eduard Spertsyan went to carry out the sentence, and soon he was already accepting congratulations, confidently spreading the ball and Artur Nigmatullin in different corners. After that, before the break, the audience did not see anything interesting. And this despite the fact that, taking into account all the stops, seven minutes were added to the first part. Lyubimov finally saved the fans from suffering and sent the teams to the locker room.

FC Krasnodar

expert opinion

Former FIFA referee Igor Zakharov commented on the events of the first half during the break:

“We have a lame referee training system, before the start of the season there were reports that some did not pass the physical tests. Now not only the training system, but the judges themselves are lame. No wonder some get hurt. I wish you good health and a speedy return. As for the rest of the medical stops, our championship has always been tough. Only now they are monitoring the health of the players more closely,” Zakharov said.

repetition of the past

The second half of the meeting was very reminiscent of how Krasnodar had previously beaten Sochi with a tour. The guests to the last did not lose hope of saving the game. In addition, Sergey Yuran’s team created several good chances at Matvey Safonov’s goal. But Nizhny Novgorod again and again lacked the last pass or the accuracy of the final blow. “Krasnodar” this time failed to score the second goal, but the guests did not really succeed in the final assault. 1:0 – Vladimir Ivic’s team wins the third game in a row and regains sole leadership.

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