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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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The popular television series ‘Food Block’ returns: what was the second season

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 00:42:31

The first season of Food Block became an instant hit. The series told about young pioneers who went to an ordinary Soviet camp, but ended up in vampire lands. At night, the mysterious bloodsucker bit the guys and turned them into an obedient herd. Only a brave counselor and a smart boy resisted the villain and experienced a real nightmare.

The series looked great, captivated by the atmosphere of the 80s and riveted on itself with a tense plot. For each episode, they came up with an intriguing ending and the stakes were constantly rising, making it impossible to stop watching.

In addition, behind the mysticism and the Soviet spirit an ideological statement was hidden. However, the newly converted bloodsuckers immediately put on a red pioneer tie, did not part with the hammer and sickle insignia and became a collective without individuality. So, in the series they talked about the shortcomings of the Soviet Union.

Food Block received high ratings and impressed the audience, so the release of the continuation was a matter of time. The problem is that the first season is based on the work of Alexei Ivanov, which is regularly filmed (Tobol, The Geographer Drank the Globe, The Heart of Parma). But the authors came up with the second season.

It’s too early to praise them, but the first series is encouraging. It seems that the writers kept the bar and wrote an intriguing story.

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our stranger things

“Food Block” from the first few episodes was compared to “Stranger Things”. A gloomy atmosphere, diluted with silly jokes, a mysterious and prohibitively powerful villain, love triangles, and kids who don’t care. Now there are even more intersection points!

Take at least the sound: either covers of Soviet songs or a sound that seems to have been taken from a Netflix hit in the background. In addition, new characters are introduced into the series, reminiscent of the heroes of Stranger Things, raising the topic of bullying and gradually increasing the scale. If earlier the events were limited to the Burevestnik camp, then at the beginning of the second season the arena of action is the whole city.

Despite the borrowing, Pishcheblok doesn’t look like a rogue clone. The secret is in the Soviet setting, landscapes close to our viewer and bright heroes. The brave Valerka, his girlfriend Anastasia, the beautiful Veronika, the pretentious and vile Sasha, the new girl Rita – in some places these guys resemble the characters of “Very Stranger Things”. What is the main character worth, who is endowed with powers and slowly turns into the Eleventh. But they all have features that make the images original.

Coats of arms and pioneers in place

Photo: Kinopoisk

The story is very intriguing.

After the first episode, it’s hard to argue with the plot, but the plot of the sequel is intriguing. Familiar characters are tormented by the events in Burevestnik, Valerka, thanks to her friends and her willpower, fights against bloodlust and new charismatic characters like Rita appear in the picture. The girl is confident, she does not recognize the authorities and she fights very well, but at the same time there is something suspicious about her. Does it have something to do with vampires?

Also, the authors introduce a new enemy into the plot. So far, only a shadow of him has been shown, but it is already obvious: the heroes will have a hard time. However, he had already committed the first nightmarish villainy and it probably unsettled impressionable viewers. Painfully cute was his victim.

Future vampire victims

Photo: Kinopoisk

Perhaps the story will soon sink, but so far the authors skillfully place accents and fill with events. If in “The Witcher” and “Secret Invasion” time stretches terribly, then in “Food Block” the authors rely on events.

The opening episode lasts only 40 minutes, but during this time a lot of memorable mischief happened: tense dialogues, the return of favorites, Valerka’s meltdowns, and even the death of an important character. Netflix and Disney would probably distribute it in many episodes. There will be eight episodes in the second season of “Food Block”; I hope each one is just as intense.

Valery’s life is full of suffering.

Photo: Kinopoisk

Many new actors who can become stars.

Pishcheblok can be praised for its camerawork, fascinating landscapes, costumes, and music. But the main advantage is the actors. In the first season, the authors turned on a lot of stars and now they keep the level.

For example, the last time Veronica, played by Angelina Strechina, was very fond of the audience and became almost a sex symbol. Fans have long remembered the nude scenes of her on the beach and swimming in the lake. In the second season, the heroine has changed, but it’s still nice to watch.

Valery perfectly recovers the human vampire. He convincingly fights the urge to bite someone and suffers talentedly. And his girlfriend Anastasia is outrageously sweet and diligently protects his mistress from moral decline.

Even the new characters are remembered. For example, a girl named Rita, played by Xenia Tracer (Galadriel from the series “Peace! Friendship! Gum”), is introduced into the plot. Now the actress has a feisty character with an inflexible character. Ksenia plays the brave girl so well that you immediately feel sympathy for her.

Ksenia Tracer as Rita

Photo: Kinopoisk

Worth seeing?

It seems that the authors have coped with the script and made the second season interesting. So at least start watching Food Block, especially if you like TV shows in the spirit of Stranger Things.


An intriguing story Young actors are remembered and cope with their roles Cool pictures and music in the series The plot is very rich.

I dont like him

Waiting for the next episode is too long.

When will the rest of the episodes come out?

The schedule for the release of the episodes of the second season of the series “Food Block”

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