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Monday, April 15, 2024
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The soccer player said that the president of the federation does not know how to kiss. everybody saw it

Date: April 15, 2024 Time: 17:53:09

Spain beat England 1-0 in the Women’s World Cup final. However, it was a mistake to think that after the final whistle all the fun was left behind. The Spanish Jennifer Hermoso received “special” attention at the awards ceremony. The fact is that the medals were delivered by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, who seemed the happiest man in the world.

Apparently, at some point his emotions overwhelmed him and the 45-year-old official, who has been in charge of the federation for five years, took and kissed the soccer player right on the lips. Before that, he hugged Hermoso tight and said something smiling in his ear, and then he just took and sucked Jennifer. It was quite difficult to imagine such risky behavior in the modern world, when dozens of cameras are pointed at you.

Feminist and human rights organizations, as well as journalists and fans, immediately rushed to condemn Rubiales. Although the footballer herself, in an interview with the Spanish media, laughed at the journalist’s corresponding question and ironically commented on the situation as follows: “I didn’t like it.” On the other hand, the president of the federation clearly did not have any special intention to “bother”, but, of course, it was still worth controlling his emotions and behavior.

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And when the situation could begin to relax, Hermoso reassured the public with the following words: “It was a completely spontaneous mutual gesture and great joy for winning the World Cup. We have an excellent relationship with the president, he behaved impeccably with all of us and it was a natural gesture of friendship and gratitude. It is not necessary to insist more on that: we won the World Cup and we are not going to withdraw from what is important.

After the solemn ceremony, Rubiales entered the champions’ locker room and promised to send them all to rest in Ibiza, where they could properly celebrate the title of world champions. It’s funny that the players went along with the situation that happened at the awards ceremony, and in response, laughing out loud, began to joke that in the spa they would not only celebrate the gold medals, but also the wedding of Hermoso and Rubiales. .

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It’s always nice when situations like this end in peace. Today, under the guns of cameras, it is scary to even look the wrong way, because you can immediately be accused of all mortal sins. Here, of course, the situation turned out to be more wrong, and the emotionality of the official can be safely considered excessive, but everything is fine if it ends well. It seems that this episode did not overshadow the festive mood of any of its participants.

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