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“They all left. “We sat in silence for about 30 minutes.” Alip: about the interest of Zenit, Kazakhstan and Real Madrid

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 06:54:04

Fall 2023 is the best time in Nuraly Alip’s career. The defender got a place in the main team of Zenit and with the Kazakhstan national team until the end he got a ticket to the final of Euro 2024. It did not work out through the classic national team, now he will have the opportunity to get through the Nations League playoffs.

In an interview with Championship, Alip said:

why he loves wrestling and whether Kovalenko had a chance to win; about longing for Chistyakov and Sutormin; how he reacted to information about interest from Real Madrid and Manchester United; what difficulties Zenit has in the RPL; how people in Kazakhstan treat the national team now.

Alip loves wrestling. Now it’s clear why he threw Kovalenko so spectacularly.

— At the beginning of the year, many people paid attention to the content related to you: first, after training, you do Kovalenko a backbend, and then you sit down with boxing gloves. Is there any sacred meaning in this: for example, fighting in everything and for everything to the end? – Probably not. It’s just that preparing is mostly routine work. Training every day, sometimes games. And I want to somehow dilute the atmosphere. And from the fighting point of view… Of course, we will try to win the championship and the Cup until the end. All matches must be won.

— In general, how close is wrestling to you? Judging by the video, you’re really good. —When I was a kid, I went to wrestling for seven or eight months. My father sent me to the section. So, we often quarreled with friends. I can’t say he remembered any skills. Now more come from social networks: you watch a video and try to repeat it.

Nuraly Alip at the Zenit concentration

Photo: fc-zenit.ru

—Did you train with anyone besides Koval? – Apparently not. She became the only victim (smiles). She said she worked in the area. But, to be honest, I didn’t realize it. I dealt with him without any problems.

—Do you have a favorite fighter? — Shavkat Rakhmonov in the UFC. Asu Almabayev also signed there. In general, there are more and more Kazakhs in the UFC. And then, of course, I followed Khabib. For Jon Jones. Islam Makhachev is performing well now.

— Is Khabib’s philosophy close to you? – Certainly. When he talks about the importance of working hard. All athletes have one goal: to win. And there are no easy victories. It’s always a lot of work.

— Is there anyone at Zenit with whom you would not fight, because you yourself would be in Koval’s place? – There is no such. I’d be ready with anyone.

Moving interview with Kerzhakov:


“I will leave without making any fuss. “It’s like I’m not there.” Moving interview with Zenit goalkeeper Kerzhakov

—Have you seen “The Word of the Child”? Was there something similar in Kazakhstan? – I looked. I really liked it. Many people say they experienced similar moments in their childhood, but I didn’t. Here in Kazakhstan everything was calm.

—What about boxing? “It’s not like that with boxing.” More like I just tried it. The fight is much closer.

Friendship with Chistyakov, rumors about Real Madrid and Manchester United, thoughts about leaving Zenit

— It seems to me that, based on anthropometry, Chistyakov would be a suitable training partner for you. Didn’t you jump with him? – No. He was injured in the game. I only offered it to him as a joke (smiles).

– Do you miss him already? – Certainly. We correspond constantly. Over the course of two years we became very close friends. I don’t wish him any injuries. We also said goodbye to Sutor recently. I want the boys to play as much as possible. And they remained in the RPL.

— Do you think Chistyakov will play again in Sochi? – Yes, it was always good. Now they have big changes in their lineup. I am 100% sure: if everything goes well with his health, he will play. Now everything is fine for him: the city is pleasant, the atmosphere is normal. There is everything you need to work and achieve results.

Nuraly Alip and Dmitry Chistyakov

Photo: Artyom Gusev, “Championship”

— For you, is your departure rather sad or, to a certain extent, positive, due to the disadvantage of the competitor? – No, there was no competition – he played on the right, I played on the left. So there is no competition, just friendship.

—Why did you play so little in the fall? – There were injured people. So I think he would play more often.

— In the team, you communicated more with Chistyakov and Sergeev. Does it turn out that only Sergeev remains among his loved ones or has someone else been added? – Krugovoi, Chisty and Sutor are gone. Koval joined us. Also Ilzat and Most; We also communicate with them.

— Is it generally important for you to have friends within the team? — Yes, now my closest and dearest are my teammates. And the wife, of course, but she is in St. Petersburg. And outside of the team and the family there is almost no one. Almost everything is in Kazakhstan. That’s why, of course, it’s important to have friends within the team.

— In your first interview after returning, you noted that “you missed the environment and the kids.” So everything’s fine with kindness and everything? — Yes, our environment is really friendly and good.

There is nothing surprising about Alip’s autumn progress:

An unexpected hero has emerged at Zenit. And he sat the potential debutant of Real Madrid on the bench

— When you went on vacation, Nuraly Alip’s time came. I mean the amount of news: first Real Madrid, then Manchester United. Which of these clubs should you be at this summer? – I don’t know. I don’t see any point in commenting on rumors. I understand that there is still room to grow. In general, I remember that I woke up and they started throwing everything at me, writing it down somewhere. I won’t lie, it’s nice to see a lot of comments and posts from Kazakhs who, in one way or another, follow me and Zenit.

—Aren’t you offended by people who spread this information? – No. I understand that in football there are always many rumors.

— In the team chat, were they making fun that you would remove Maguire from Manchester United’s starting line? – Yes, but even before, when everything was just beginning. I made it to the national team and Mostovoy and Krugovoy started harassing me because of this.

—What leagues do you like? – Now I follow Girona and Bayer, they are real sensations and they have taken a step forward. In the Champions League I mainly watch Real Madrid.

— After your arrival at Zenit there were different times. Representatives of different teams probably approached you. Did I at least once think to say: that’s it, I left St. Petersburg for the place where I will play? —I had different thoughts, I won’t hide it. Especially when I didn’t play. But it does not work. As a result, I had my chance in the fall: I played more than in all previous years. I understand that this may be progress. Then I’ll work even harder.

Why Alip had such a strong autumn, Kazakhstan’s failure in the Euro 2024 qualifying group and his popularity

— In the fall you played more frequently than ever. Have you changed anything about yourself and your work to achieve this? “I had a daughter, my first daughter, and that had an impact. I became more serious, more responsible. Any man changes immediately. That’s why I want to be better and better.

— For you, is the autumn period the best of your career? – Definitely yes. The team won. Although before they crashed us against the same door. And now they were requesting access to the euro. Yes, it didn’t work. But the Nations League is ahead.

—How difficult will it be for you to maintain this level? – It’s okay to hold it. We need to work even harder and not stop there. I hope there are more successes ahead. There is room to grow.

— It seemed that Zenit had two difficult periods: in the fall, when they lost to Lokomotiv and Orenburg, and then at the end of the year. Through your eyes, what was that? – It was painful. We lost twice against Lokomotiv, also against Dynamo and Orenburg. Naturally, they understood what happened in the team. We resolved the errors. We try to fix them.

Nuraly Alip in the match against Spartak

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

— Did you have any doubts about your own abilities? – No, that didn’t happen.

— Are you surprised that Krasnodar is so good? “I have been following them for a long time.” I remember we also went to them at academy level for friendly matches. Their level of play and infrastructure was already surprising. It looked like a good school. It is clear that, sooner or later, good young people would graduate there. Although now it will be difficult for them without Ilzat: he is a good guy, now with us.

— Is Krasnodar your main rival in spring? “I will say this: it all depends on us.” With the tops everything is clear: there is no need for additional attitude, there is always a desire to punish. But we have a hard time with teams whose level is lower than ours. They are in a better mood for us. If we remember the example of the same “Orenburg”.

– Nino has arrived. As you like? —He came from Marcelo’s team. I saw his games with City. You can tell that he is a professional, a good defender.

— Now Zenit has four centre-backs: you, Rodrigao, Nino and Erakovic. Do you feel like your playing time could be shortened? – I don’t think about that. Competition is always good. I understand that if I am better I will play. It all depends on me.

— Kazakhstan team. The fate of his ticket was decided in the match against Slovenia. Do you often remember Verbic’s goal at the end? – Many times yes. I remember running back and watching him get to the front nine with this spin shot. And this is even at the end. First we defended ourselves and went on the attack. And they missed it. It’s always sad.

How Kazakhstan lost the decisive group match:

Kazakhstan disappointingly lost the decisive group match. But Adiev’s team can still reach the Euro Cup

—What was the atmosphere in the locker room after the game? – They all left. We sat in silence for 30 minutes. The coach spoke first. He told me not to get angry. Victories and defeats always go together. This is the wonderful thing about sport. Life doesn’t end there.

— Greece and one of the two, Georgia and Luxembourg, are ahead. Have you seen your opponents yet? — I haven’t seen Greece at all. I know Georgia a little bit, there are familiar names there that I played against. Of course, we are keeping an eye on Khvicha.

Nuraly Alip in the Kazakhstan national team

Photo: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

— In Kazakhstan everyone is probably waiting for access to the euro. Do you feel tension because the national team is so popular? “It’s a nice pressure when a lot of people go to the games. When they are interested in the national team, they read the news. The players say they go out into the street and people approach them to take photos. I think the soccer team is now the most popular in the country.

—When you come home, can you go out? Or is it already difficult and they will find out? —Of course, there are many football fans. Many people are worried about the selection. They get together and watch games on the big screen. They sent me a video of 200 people in a small establishment. I can go out easily because I live in a very small city. So I don’t have problems with a lot of attention.

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