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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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How much does a firefighter earn in Spain?

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 07:17:13

Valencia has faced a devastating fire in a 14-story building that has left at least 4 dead and 14 injured, 6 firefighters and 19 missing. The flames spread very quickly this Thursday throughout the residential complex where around 450 people live across 138 homes. The fire remained active in the early hours of this Friday, February 23. For now, the opening events of Fallas have been suspended.

The salary of a firefighter in Spain has experienced a significant change in 2024. This salary review is given not only by the intrinsic characteristics of the position, but also by an increase applicable to all public officials. Seg push The “Framework Agreement for a 21st Century Administration”, SIGNED BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT AND THE UNIONS, THE SALARIES OF PIPE OFFICIALS, INCLUDING FIREFIGHTERS, WILL RISE A MINIMUM OF 2% IN 2024, WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF REACHING UP TO 2.5 %.

In the case of a firefighter, their salary varies depending on factors such as category, seniority and the autonomous community in which they work. According to the Opuestas.es portal, a newly hired firefighter can earn between 25,000 and 30,000 euros gross per year, a figure that can increase up to 50,000 euros for higher ranks such as inspectors or technicians. A salary that is subject to an increase in 2024, in line with the general increase for public officials.

Salary components and supplements

Seniority: Trienniums, which increase the base salary every three years. Complement for dedication: Additional for exceeding 240 hours per year more than the usual working day. Complement for productivity: Related to performing on-call or overtime. Complements for destination: They vary according to the rank. Danger bonus: Due to the risk inherent to the work. Overtime: With specific rates for programmable and non-programmable hours Salary by autonomous community

In any case, and as we have said, the salary varies significantly between different autonomous communities, from around 18,000 euros in Galicia to 46,000 euros in Navarra.

Additionally, with the salary increase planned for 2024, all firefighter salary ranges are expected to see an increase. For example, if a firefighter in Group C1 earns 840.49 euros per month in 2023, his salary will increase to 857.30 euros per month in 2024, reaching an annual total of 12,002.2 euros without supplements.

Salary by type of firefighter

But there are not only differences by category, seniority or destination. Another factor that also influences the salary received is the type of firefighter we are talking about. For example, a forest firefighter earns around 14,000 euros per year for his work in rural areas of Spain. For his part, a military firefighter or one from AENA receives around 1,300 euros per month in 15 payments.

Finally, it is worth remembering that firefighters in Spain have access to early retirement from the age of 59 with 35 years of contributions. In addition, they enjoy additional benefits such as specific insurance and aid for continuing training.

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