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They are boring, but you can’t live without them: 5 traits of people who are called normal today

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 06:18:22

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“Norms are an important part of modern society. They shape social norms, maintain good relationships and influence the well-being and development of people as a whole. However, their role and their ability to be accepted depend entirely on the specific social environment and individual preferences of each person.”

Who are the rules?

Norms is a term used to designate people who have standard thinking and behavior (recognized by society). In short, they are those who obey the rules and customs that exist in a certain social group. Those who always follow the rules.

5 features of a norm:

conformism; the desire to be in harmony with others; the desire to meet certain standards and expectations of society; follow established models; lack of desire to stand out from the crowd.

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They focus on common interests and themes that are accepted in their social group. Normis communicates, seeks support and approval, striving to be accepted into the team. At the same time, these people usually avoid conflicts and disputes, trying to maintain harmonious relationships.

Its influence on society is significant. After all, it is they who form the traditions and customs that determine the expectations and standards of behavior in a particular social group. These individuals play the role of “guardians” of cultural values ​​and traditions, allowing them to maintain stability in society.

However, those around them do not always fully and unequivocally understand them. Sometimes conforming to conventional norms can be perceived as disinterested and uncreative.

Critics also often accuse these people of a lack of individuality and an inability to think independently. Normies often face underestimation and stereotyping from those who strive to stand out from the crowd and break the rules.

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“In a broad sense, normal people are people who have “ordinary” and “generally accepted” preferences in clothing, leisure, work, music, and movies.”

Norms and conformist people.

In psychology there is a type of people similar to normal ones. This is conformal (from Late Latin conformis – similar, similar).

This is the socio-psychological orientation of the individual. It does not manifest itself in an independent and deeply thought-out choice of life and social values, but only in a passive and adaptive attitude to the existing order of things. This type of character accentuation. That is, a person is deliberately ready to blindly follow another person’s opinion and obey it.

Normis are a common variant of the norm, that is, an “amorphous type” of character. These people lack individual traits. They “go with the flow”, they obey their environment. Society thinks and acts for them; its improvement is limited to imitation. They tend to submit to the voice of the majority, to stereotypes, to banality, to a tendency toward errant morality, to good behavior, to conservatism.

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What is the role of norms in the online community?

In the online world, the term is most often used within certain in-groups to identify and differentiate from out-groups and people who do not belong to these communities.

On the Internet, this is the person who is little involved in any community, that is, the average person. For example, for enthusiastic and deeply versed Internet users, the normal ones will be those who occasionally visit their social networks in their free time. They may be people who don’t know internet slang or popular internet memes.

At the same time, they play an important role here because they are participants and generators of content, striving to meet the expectations and norms accepted in this online environment.

These people create content, repost popular materials, and actively participate in discussions, following established rules and community preferences.

For those interested in video games, a norm is someone who spends a small amount of time on it. You may not understand some important nuances; He plays simple games on his phone on the way to work.

For connoisseurs of art cinema and movie lovers, that person will watch Hollywood premieres on weekends at the cinema. In other words, these are people who, for various reasons, are not included in the “groups of insiders or those who understand deeply” in any field.

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How do normal people build relationships with other people?

This category of people represents a wide and diverse range of individuals with completely different traits: from hobbies to character, conscience, intelligence, degree of decency, etc.

In terms of relationships, norms can focus on certain patterns and stereotypes of behavior.

For example, they will strive to follow generally accepted opinions and not stand out with their life principles or hobbies. They tend to meet certain standards of behavior, relationships, and appearance.

A bias can arise when a person fails to take into account that there are people who may differ from him in the aforementioned parameters. “They will hang labels.”

In modern society, people often follow a certain set of behavioral patterns. So that? To meet standards. Below are some examples of social spheres and how norms interact with them.

Education sets standards of knowledge, behavior and appearance that students must meet. In this case, the norm is the student’s unconditional adherence to the established rules, based not on her own interests or ideas, but on submission to the authority of teachers and public opinion.

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In a corporate environment, company employees adhere to a certain behavior, appearance and thinking. In this case, the norms are those that try to fit into the corporate culture, that do not stand out with their own ideas or atypical work methods, but rather follow general trends.

In general, they are attentive to trends, tendencies and public opinion, they do not stand out for their own hobbies or ideas, but rather they try to comply with accepted standards.

However, it is important to remember that each person is valuable and unique in and of themselves. Therefore, you should strive to strike a balance between conformity and self-expression, maintain interest in new things, and respect other people’s boundaries and individuality.

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