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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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“They thought I had one foot in the other world.” Are they trying to deceive Agent Dzhikia and the Miranchuks?

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 10:29:21

Summer is approaching and several important players in Russian football are out of contract. Most of them are Vadim Shpinev’s clients. These are Georgy Dzhikia, Anton Miranchuk, Rifat Zhemaletdinov and Daniil Khudyakov. Before the match between Lokomotiv and CSKA, we spoke with Shpinev about his clients, found out how he was doing with Alexey Miranchuk in Italy and found out the details of the agent’s conflict with Paris NN.

What’s wrong with Jikia?

– I have nothing to say here yet. Furthermore, I was very surprised by the attitude and quality of work of Sochi coach Moreno. You can clearly see what and how he does it in training, how he brought the team together, how the bench supported the main team. I saw the difference between Sochi and Spartak.

As for the contract, the clock is ticking. I would like to hope that Mr. Malyshev will fulfill his promise. We no longer talk about this situation; I’m still working to find a job for the footballer.

How Sochi beat Spartak:

Spartak looks desperate. The defeat in Sochi is not even surprising

Kudyakov will leave Lokomotiv and Dynamo offered him?

— Personally, I did not have any contact with Dynamo: neither with the managers nor with the representatives. Maybe my partners talked to them and suggested Dani’s candidacy, especially after the match against Spartak, when the goalkeeper problem at Dynamo became obvious. But I can say unequivocally that I am not working at Dynamo, there are no agreements.

As for his future at Lokomotiv, Daniil rejected the club’s humiliating offer to renew his contract. They offered us to extend the contract on the same terms and only for one year, but the guy did not agree. With a high probability, Khudyakov will leave Lokomotiv as a free agent. The club’s sports department contacts the player and expresses his interest in reconsidering the relationship. But we did not receive a real offer with new conditions.

I work in different directions, we are considering Europe. This is mainly Türkiye, because Russian footballers now have more chances to go there. It is possible to go to other European countries, but it is more difficult, but Dani still does not have the same status.

The boy needs to play, to experience fair competition. And not when you work hard, you show yourself well during the weekly cycle, but your favorite goalkeeper always starts.

Daniil Khudyakov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

What about Anton Miranchuk and Rifat Zhemaletdinov’s new contracts with Lokomotiv?

— With Anton the situation is the following: 99% we will have to accept one of the offers from other clubs and leave Lokomotiv in the summer as a free agent. I’ll explain to you why. Loko is now in a difficult budgetary history after the German period, which included high expenses, loans, etc. There has now been a review of strategy, reduction of budgets and salary levels.

The salary cap that currently exists at the Club is half the salary that Anton has under his contract now. It is difficult to accept a double reduction, so it is difficult for me to add anything more. We are currently negotiating with clubs from the Turkish, French and Italian championships. The work is underway.

As for Rifat, he has the desire to stay at Lokomotiv. We will communicate about the contract closer to the end of the season. Most likely, Zhemaletdinov will remain at the club. But if something happens, he won’t be left without a team either.

Rifat Zhemaletdinov and Anton Miranchuk

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

How is Alexei Miranchuk doing at Atalanta?

— Lyosha has another year and a half on his contract. If an offer comes that suits the boy and the club, then, of course, Lyosha will consider it and be ready to take a new step. What kind of championship it will be, I don’t know yet.

This year Alexey had the best moment of his European career. But in Signor Gasperini no one manages to think about the future. Because everything can go well for a player and then something happens and everything goes wrong. And no one knows when this will happen.

Miranchuk feels very good in the team, everything is good for him. Of course he wants to play, but the coach determines the squad, he is doing serious personal work.

Miranchuk recently played one of his best games for Atalanta:

Miranchuk played the best game of the season against the Italian champion! And he returned Atalanta to the race for the Champions League

How did Paris NN provoke a conflict over Suleymanov’s transfer to Lokomotiv?

— On March 1 on Lokomotiv’s social networks it was announced that Timur had become a player of the team until 2027. But the question remains: on what basis? Neither the footballer nor I know. What documents were signed between Lokomotiv and Suleymanov? We are currently working with a lease agreement between Lokomotiv and Pari NN, according to which Timur lacks effective action for a mandatory purchase by Muscovites. There was no reason to announce an official transition on March 1. As I understand it, there is an agreement between Mr. Leonchenko and Pari NN’s advisor and caretaker, the young Mr. Kondratov. I will tell you a little secret: now the entire NN club in Paris is under the control of this man, because he has enormous influence even over the regional governor, Nikitin.

Timur Suleymanov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

– Why is this so important? – I’ll explain. Not long ago I learned that Mr. Kondratov agreed to transfer Suleymanov to Lokomotiv for one ruble, supposedly as an exchange of football players. That is, Lokomotiv keeps Timur, but pays Pari NN one ruble and gives Maradishvili there. This is on official paper. That is, Timur was bought for one ruble, but at the same time Mr. Maradishvili, who is injured, will receive a salary from Lokomotiv of 5 million rubles every month, and Pari NN will pay a little more.

– Why does this bother you so much? – Because these are human qualities: meanness and baseness. Apparently, Pari NN decided to free up the budget. And apparently they also thought that I, Vadim Shpinev, already had one foot in the other world, which means I had no prospects. I’ll simply explain what the point is. There is an agency agreement between Pari NN and me, which was concluded and signed by all parties in early 2023. This agreement contains a clause on payment to the agent of 30% of the sale of Suleymanov for real money to any club except certain expenses. This agreement is registered with the RFU.

The new Pari NN management behind the scenes says that they did not know about the existence of this agreement, but this is nonsense for the poor people, because the agreement is in the RFU database, the club’s lawyer keeps a duplicate. and the agreement itself was drawn up without violations.

According to the transfer agreement between the clubs, the price of the future purchase of Suleymanov by Lokomotiv is 60 million rubles. This agreement has the signatures of all parties. 30% of this amount minus certain expenses is a little less than 15 million rubles. This is the money that the NN club in Paris owes me. We will go to the dispute resolution chamber and litigate. You understand that Pari NN decided to reach an agreement for one ruble so that if something happens, they can show it on camera in case of a dispute.

Mr. Kondratov assures Nikitin that everything will be resolved, that he has contacts in the RFU’s dispute resolution chamber, that he knows all the lawyers and that the chamber works on call. Let’s see what the president of the RFU thinks about it if he sees my speech. I don’t think he will remain indifferent. Pari NN claims that I am trying to regulate the club’s economic activities, but that is not the case. This club is too far from me, I don’t have enough strength to get there. Only before, during the previous management of Paris NN, we were clear that the Club had a strategy: sign young players and then sell them. This is exactly how Timur signed it.

This situation is further confirmation that in the last two years in our football the number of criminals, fans, scoundrels and simply people unrelated to football has been increasing. Thanks to coaches like these, the bar for our football is getting lower and lower. But we must not forget that, in addition to the laws of the RFU, which I really believe in, there is the competence of FIFA, the agency’s regulations. According to him, we have the right to apply to the CAS. I am afraid that in the CAS Mr. Kondratov’s chain mail will be too small.

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