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What to wear with a blue jacket to look great: 9 examples of photos of the stars

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“A blue jacket is the faithful assistant of a stylish man. Combines elegance and versatility. Such a jacket can add sophistication to an image and emphasize its unique character. What can it be and how can it be used to create different outfits?

Blue jacket models

Classic single-breasted jacket – a real find for a stylish wardrobe. Versatile and elegant, it is suitable for any occasion, whether it is a business meeting, a visit to the theater or a date. Easily pairs with a variety of pants and shirts, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear.

Tom Cruise in a single-breasted jacket

Photo: Neil Mockford/Getty Images

Formal double-breasted jacket less practical. It will be appropriate at special events and in an office with a strict dress code. This model is not suitable for everyone. It can fill out and create an overly massive silhouette, but at the same time it often visually lengthens the figure. This jacket should be fastened with the bottom two buttons or just the center button.

Tommy Torres with double-breasted jacket

Photo: John Parra/Getty Images

Blazer – the most casual option, which has a semi-fitted silhouette and smooth lines. It is usually made of thinner material, so it is suitable for relaxed looks and urban ensembles, as well as for a business style in the warm season.

Liliane Renault in a blazer (with Camille Cerf)

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Fashion shades

A dark blue jacket is a classic that will never go out of style and a beneficial option for all occasions. This tone is ideal for creating both a business look and a weekend look. It makes the outfit restrained but expressive, emphasizing the individuality and character of its owner.

Michael Hennegan in a dark blue jacket

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

A rich blue jacket is suitable for those who want to add color and dynamics to their image. This color combines well with other bright, calm shades and makes the look spectacular and memorable.

A blue jacket is the choice for those who prefer fresh and light looks. This color combination is especially relevant for spring and summer outings. With matching pants, this set will be an excellent solution for the office, and with beige chinos it will also look good for an evening walk.

Benedict Cumberbatch in a blue-gray jacket

Photo: Neil Mockford/Getty Images

Another current option is a blue checked jacket. Big or small. It allows you to make a stylish accent without much effort, diversify your wardrobe while remaining stylish. However, in this case, it is important to ensure that all other elements of clothing and accessories remain monochrome. Otherwise, the onion will look uncomfortable and may indicate a lack of flavor.

This item is universal. It is suitable for a variety of occasions:

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How to combine a blue jacket with other clothes?

A blue jacket goes well with many shades, from white to deep blue. The classic look does not imply a riot of colors, so it is better not to experiment with color combinations. And to make this look more interesting, you can wear a light shirt with modern vertical stripes under a dark, monochrome jacket.

For casual outfits, the rules allow you to expand the color range. If you like non-standard combinations, feel free to give preference to black, lavender and emerald shirts.

Prince William and a blue jacket in a casual look.

Photo: John Stillwell/Getty Images

You should not wear dark shirts under a blue jacket. This upsets the balance and can even cheapen the image. It is better to choose white, pink and peach colors.

A dark blue jacket with matching pants will fit perfectly into an office style. In addition, it can be combined with classic gray or black pants.

These combinations are also suitable for everyday looks and, if you want to add variety, choose green, burgundy or brown chinos. Classic or slightly tapered jeans in black, blue or white would also be appropriate.

Pants in light tones, such as gray or beige, look best with a blue jacket. The combination of a top of this type with blue jeans also works, but only in informal looks.

Marco Kreuzpaintner and the correct choice of shoe color

Photo: Isa Foltin/Getty Images

When choosing shoes, opt for versatile options that can easily fit into your wardrobe: solid, minimalist sneakers, loafers, classic boots or derbies.

It is better to give preference to black pairs. They will look good with a jacket and many other things. But blue also looks good with brown tones, so the boots can be chocolate or sand.

To make the look look complete and complete, don’t forget to add accessories. For example, a classic look can be complemented with a tie. If you want to put together a more discreet look, choose blue or gray tones, without decoration or with a discreet print. And for spectacular outfits, contrasting tie options, such as red or brown, are suitable.

And again we learn from the examples of fashion-loving celebrities:

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Bags will also be appropriate in looks with jackets. The most advantageous is a brown or black briefcase and a leather backpack with clear shapes. They maintain the formality of a business look, but are also combined with relaxed options.

Don’t be afraid to add small details to your look: your favorite watch, belts, glasses, simple rings. The main rule is that metal decorations and fittings should be the same color. A discreet outfit can be decorated with silver cufflinks, and for a festive or brighter look, clothes of a contrasting color, that is, gold, are suitable.

Where to wear a blue jacket?

A set of a blue jacket and classic pants of the same color is an ideal solution for an office outfit. This image will give you status and emphasize your professionalism. If the dress code at work allows, in addition to business suits, you can combine combinations of different shades of dark pants and a blue jacket, as well as experiment with clothing styles and shirt colors.

For formal or social evenings, this garment should be worn together with a vest of the same tone or a little lighter. This will add sophistication to your appearance and highlight your individuality.

For daily outings, walks and meetings with friends, it is advisable to choose a blue jacket with jeans. This look will look presentable, but casual. Under the jacket you can wear a T-shirt, polo, sweater, turtleneck. The choice depends on your taste and mood, as well as your lifestyle and the time of year.

John Legend and the choice of decorative shoes

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

For a date at a restaurant or going to the movies, it is best to wear a blue jacket. Create unusual combinations: with white jeans or beige chinos, bright T-shirts and shirts, sweaters or knitted vests.

This jacket is also suitable for parties. In this case, wear it with modern jeans with faded or neat cuts, add a decorative shirt and complete the look with accessories: a bow tie, glasses, a pocket square.

Another option is to opt for a blue jacket with decoration or embroidery, an interesting texture or extraordinary details for more sober garments.

The blue jacket has become an important part of the men’s wardrobe. It can even be called a modern symbol of a business and successful person. This model is suitable for any age and is appropriate in almost any situation.

The blue color is more pleasant and interesting than black, but at the same time it can be used to create not only colorful looks for everyday life, but also strict looks for special occasions. The practicality and convenience of this item, as well as its ability to be combined with a wide variety of shades, allows you to make even a simple outfit more interesting and rich in status.

What to pay attention to and how not to make a mistake with your choice? See the stylist’s instructions:

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