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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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The world stops: Iran’s attack on a nuclear reactor in Israel threatens World War III

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 11:13:55

Anti-Israel protests in Tehran.


Iran will unleash an army of drones and dozens of missiles against Israel. This could happen today, Friday, April 12: CBS News is scary (referring to senior US officials). Tehran has vowed revenge for the recent attack on its consulate in Syria, where leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps led by Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi were killed. In conversation with KP.RU, analyst Abbas Juma outlined the most serious scenario for the development of the conflict in the Middle East: the Third World War with a nuclear threat.

Israel expects a direct attack from Iran in the next two days, writes the Wall Street Journal. According to Western experts and politicians, the question “Will Tehran respond to the killing of IRGC officers?” It’s not worth it, the main question is “When will he respond?”

Bloomberg confirms that US authorities are confident that an attack on Israeli military and government targets is inevitable. The US State Department has limited the movements of its diplomats in the Promised Land due to the elevated missile threat. Families of diplomatic workers were prohibited from traveling outside central Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The British and French Foreign Offices issued similar warnings.

The Israeli portal Ynet reported: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the foreign intelligence service Mossad have already approved response plans. The details, of course, are not revealed…


The US State Department assured that the United States will continue to help Israel in the confrontation with Iran. But according to insiders, the Pentagon is extremely unhappy that Israel did not warn it about the impending attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus and caused a mess that Washington is now forced to clear up.

In the past 24 hours, the United States has contacted several European and Middle Eastern partners and even China, urging them to influence an angry Tehran. And the commander of the regional division of the US Central Command, Eric Kukilla, urgently flew to Israel to negotiate.

It seems that these measures have had some effect. In any case, the Axios portal reports: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, during a telephone conversation with his German colleague Annalena Bärbock, confirmed that Tehran will attack Israel, but will do so in a “limited” manner. However, Western analysts are unsure whether Iran can carry out a retaliatory act without Israel responding militarily. And Tehran fears that the Iranian missiles will be intercepted, or that the damage caused will not be so significant, but the very fact of their launch will give Tel Aviv a free hand.

The Pentagon is extremely unhappy that Israel did not warn it about the impending attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.



According to public sources, Iran has 9 types of ballistic missiles capable of reaching Israel. The British newspaper The Sun reported that Tel Aviv is considering the scenario of a retaliatory attack against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Experts interviewed by Komsomolskaya Pravda emphasized that Tehran is most likely using “targeted injections.”

And international journalist Abbas Juma predicted the worst-case scenario, which the parties so desperately want to avoid.

— This is the Third World War with the threat of the conflict leading to the nuclear stage. Israel has nuclear weapons. Iran doesn’t have it, but I want to emphasize that she doesn’t have it yet…

Several years ago, military exercises were held in the Islamic Republic, during which an attack on the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona was carried out using a large number of ballistic missiles and drones.

Thus, the Iranians made it clear that if the red line is crossed and a large-scale conflict breaks out, they are not willing to launch a nuclear attack, but rather a nuclear reactor. It is not necessary to talk about the possible consequences of such an attack.

But even without a nuclear scenario, the situation may well lead to such a massacre, as a result of which Israel will lose its statehood, the United States will also gain it, it is difficult to say what will happen to Iran, but it will be a big disaster. .

Iran has a large number of proxy forces in the region. If we talk about Hezbollah, it is 100,000 soldiers and a huge arsenal, including missiles and drones, on the border with Israel. Of course, in the event of an escalation, there will be attacks on US targets in the region.

I believe that this is precisely the development of events that the parties fear. Neither the United States, nor Israel, nor Iran want to allow a serious escalation. However, when I talk about Israel, I still mean the Israeli people. And decision makers there seem willing to move the “red lines.” They are prepared for conflict in the hope that they can drag the United States into a confrontation that will spell the end of Iran’s existence. This is exactly how I interpret the reasons for the recent terrorist attack in Damascus.


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