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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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“You didn’t put out my fire, you poured gasoline on it!” Tears, laughter and all the emotions of the US Open final

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 20:27:40

“You didn’t put out my fire, you poured gasoline on it!” Tears, laughter and all the emotions of the US Open final

Elena Kuznetsova September 10, 2023, 03:00 Moscow time

Corey Gauff celebrated the victory and Arina Sobolenko apologized for the result and could barely speak.

After the final of the US Open 2023, there was a whole range of emotions on the court. The future first racket in the world, Arina Sobolenko, sat devastated, then laughed and cried at the same time and generally could barely speak. The second “helmet” of the season was very close, just come and get it, but after winning the first set, errors rained down, too many errors, and the opponent acted in cold blood.

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Sabalenka lost the US Open final. And 19-year-old Gauff became a first-time TBS champion.

“I can’t speak. Sorry for this result”

– Arina, you had an incredible season, you won the Australian Open, on Monday you will become the first racket in the world. What are you most proud of from this great year? – (Laugh and cry). Guys, why didn’t you support me like this during the game? What I am most proud of is that most of the time I was able to cope with the emotions, focus on myself and not on the grade.

– Did you know that in the final the sympathy of the stands would be on the side of the American, but in two weeks you also fell in love with them? – Yes, I felt love. I want to congratulate Coco. Coco, you played amazing! Congratulations to you and your team, you deserve this title. I’m sure it won’t be the last. I hope we meet again in the final. But I hope with a different result (laughs). Anyway, congratulations, you’re amazing.

— Who do you want to share this moment with: your team, your family? – Yes… (cries and laughs). I can not speak. I want to say hello to my family. They don’t sleep, they watch. Sorry for this result.

Arina Sabalenka cries at the awards ceremony

Photo: Elsa/Getty Images

“It’s very difficult, Arina.” We all know what it is, we have all lost in the final. Your team is behind you. – Yes. They know that they will be fired after this tournament (laughter and tears). As always, we will come back stronger, right? Thank you for everything you do for me, I really appreciate it and love you.

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Sobolenko broke his racket in the locker room and threw it in the trash after losing to Gauff

“You didn’t put out my fire, you poured gasoline on it and now I’m burning so brightly!”

Corey Gauff, a 19-year-old American who won the first major of her career, sobbed, hugged her parents and responded scathingly to all the skeptics who didn’t believe in her.

—What does your first Grand Slam title mean to you? – Oh Lord! This means a lot… I think I’m in shock. The defeat at Roland Garros was very hard, but all these difficulties make this moment even sweeter. Better than anyone could have imagined.

—How important was faith on this path? – Very important. You know, I’m not praying for results, but simply asking for the strength to give it my all on the court, and what will be, will be. I have been so lucky in my life that I am very grateful for this moment. I have no words.

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Gauff is the youngest American woman to win a Grand Slam singles in the 21st century.

— Arina started very strong today, how did you manage to turn the game around? “I just knew that if I didn’t give it my all, there would be no chance of winning.” Arina is an amazing player, congratulations on the title of the first racket in the world. This is absolutely deserved. I always tell the team that you are a very nice person. And your fire and competitive spirit on the court only makes the sport better. Congratulations to you and your team.

—And you and your team, family, what do you want to tell them? – God. First, thank you parents. She had never seen him cry before. He didn’t want me to say it, but they caught him broadcasting it anyway. He thinks he is very tough, but in reality he is not. My dad and I went to this tournament when I was a kid, I watched Serena and Venus. Thank you to everyone on my team for everything you do. It was a long three weeks, but your faith in me was unwavering. Thanks to everyone in my box. I want to thank my grandparents and my brother. And I also want to thank everyone who didn’t believe in me. A month ago I won the WTA-500 title and people said I would stay there. Two weeks ago I won the “thousand” and people said I couldn’t achieve more. Three weeks later I’m here with a trophy. To everyone who thought the water was extinguishing my fire, they actually poured gasoline on it and now I’m burning very brightly.

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