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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Meet designer Haans Nicholas Mott. He put the skirt on Brad Pitt

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 06:48:03

“My work process is meticulous and intimate because I want my clothing to define me and not the other way around. Creating clothes for me is a conversation with the client,” Haans says in an interview on GQ. “I enjoyed working with Brad Pitt because he had a very clear idea of who he wanted to be in this world. He had an exquisite sense for colors, silhouettes, textures, and patterns.”

Mott learned how to sew when she was in college. “Architecture provides a set of skills to solve problems. As soon as I started sewing, I got very interested in cutting out patterns, developing stitches, and designing things,” she shared with The New York Times in a recent interview.

When it comes to style, we think that clothes are action. With the mantra “Style is the Mantra,” we work hard on our personal looks and share it with others via blog posts, content marketing, or social media. Clothes are born with history and stories. We understand this and take great pride in preserving them. Our blog and website are filled with building stories.

Mott’s approach to the details is no different than it was in 2011. He still spends hours hand-applying stripes and aging cuts on vintage sportswear. He still processes each pant leg, creates a pattern, and doesn’t name specific products or sew on labels. And the buttons on Brad Pitt’s coat were handmade by Mott’s father.

Haans is not a social media expert, nor is he an expert at building websites. He can be contacted by referrals only through his personal website and doesn’t use capital letters when he emails anyone. For interviews, he won’t use any capital letters if clearly requested.

The two of them agreed on pitching their own brand. Jaan launched Anecho in 2015, while Mott founded BEC, a company that creates and distributes private-label apparel. With age-old questions like “what do you want to wear?” taken care of at one swipe, it’s meant to be your sign that everything was done for you.

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Kevin Kennedy
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