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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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How not to be nervous about money and stop being afraid of a crisis? Discussed with a psychologist.

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 18:43:59

The issue of the financial airbag and saving for difficult times is more relevant today than ever. No wonder: fear of the unknown, lack of stability cause such a reaction in a person. Marina Gogueva, supervisor of companies, psychologist of leaders, founder of the Business is Psychology club, tells how to remain calm and optimistic in a crisis situation.

That fear is completely normal, given our country’s economic history over the past few decades. Everyone knows how the older generation lost their savings and PhDs, professors and musicians became shuttles to survive in the difficult 90s.

It is clear that no one wants to change the usual, although not the most convenient conditions of chaos and unpredictability. This is why the unknown is so terrifying and unsettling. For some people, the anticipation of a rainy day can trigger increased anxiety. They see bad omens in everything, fearfully await the arrival of difficult times, and accept any innovation with hostility. They find it difficult to decide on changes even when the benefits are obvious, because the catastrophe strategy is on. This is a way of thinking in which all events end badly. Of course, only in the imagination of these people.

Thinking about the future and making plans, they think something like this:

I start blogging: haters will come running and I’ll have to go out of business; I’ll quit hiring as a freelancer: orders will run out, I’ll go bankrupt and starve; I come out to talk, blurt out something mean, and fall to the ground in shame.

The tragic ending is an essential element of inference. Of course, that line of thinking interferes with growth and development, not to mention enjoyment of life. This is how the sayings “Happiness loves silence” and “If you laugh you will have to cry” are born. All efforts are aimed at providing you with maximum security against joy and good mood.

If a rainy day is usually perceived as some kind of one-time event, then the crisis is a long period and it remains to be seen how it will end. As they say, “we thought we were already down, but we hit from below.” Due to the length of the tests, a person does not have time to accumulate resources to deal with the next round of changes. You can’t even make decisions because you don’t know what will happen next. Numerous troubling questions immediately arise. Buy currency or keep savings in rubles? Acquire housing or reel fishing rods? Leave the state company for a private one or continue with what you have? A crisis is a period when you don’t know who to listen to or where to run.

Hard times are a golden age for all kinds of scammers and charlatans. Financial pyramids, fortune tellers, water conspirators sell guarantees of a better future to confused people. Everyone who is tired of living in anxiety and tension buys a ticket to heaven on Earth, trying to escape from reality. But will it help?

What skills do you need to develop to calm down and face a difficult situation on your own?

First of all, it is necessary to have the same financial airbag. This is the money that you can hold without losing the quality of life for at least three months. A small reserve of funds will be useful in normal times. It’s just there to put you at ease and take calculated risks if it helps you get ahead. It is important to review your expenses. Now it is not worth buying status things on credit – a new smartphone or an elite car. It’s time to admit that you still can’t afford that standard of living. Instead of fooling yourself, it is better to think about how to earn more. You have to be critical of the old facilities. For example, to the desire to buy gold jewelry, because in a crisis they can be sold. When the country’s economy is not in the best position, will anyone buy second-hand jewelry? Another stereotype is the need to have a higher education. Why would a good auto mechanic need to study to be a lawyer or an accountant? It is much wiser to invest time and money in a financial education course. Develop strategic thinking: without it, even in calm times, you can fall into a self-created crisis. When a person cannot think critically and correctly assess the perspectives, he tends to agree with everything that the environment suggests. And he does not always give competent advice. The ability to make informed decisions is also impossible without some skepticism and understanding of yourself and your true needs. Another important skill is adaptability. Why is a crisis for some people an opportunity to get ahead? Since they know how to deal with the situation, they quickly accept the new rules of the game. While some people are just coming out of a defensive denial, others manage to not only keep what they had, but significantly improve their positions.

Do not succumb to emotions and catastrophic strategies. If you know that you tend to worry and finish, try to learn to separate reality from internal experiences and negative future scenarios. If you develop your skills and professionalism, no matter what, you will definitely find a use for yourself and you will be able to earn money to support yourself.

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