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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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kyiv made a strong statement: Ukraine has encountered opposition to the best Russian Lancet UAVs

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 02:49:28

Actually, neither Ukraine nor the West have measures of influence on the production of “Lancets”.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

Such a story happened here that cannot be told in a few words. But we have to. In short, Zelensky went to the front line. No, not to fight for Ridna Nenko, but on a work visit, or whatever this event is called in kyiv. And he began, as planned in the trip program, to communicate with the military. And they are for him, once, and the whole truth is in the womb, as they say. No, they say, more than our forces, the damned kamikaze drones “Moskal” “Lancets” completely got it. They also say that there are Orlana drones, which are also terribly damaging, but at least they don’t hit or explode. But after them comes in full.

Zelensky was not alone on this trip, of course, but his entourage included both the right hand and, it seems, the left brain of the President of Ukraine, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak. Yermak and reported the information received: “

– They were at the front. I heard from the military about the problems that Russian UAVs create, in particular the Lancet attack and Orlan reconnaissance for our forces. This is a threat we have no right to ignore. He took note. Along with the buildup of Ukrainian strike capabilities, we must do everything possible to limit the Russian ones,” Yermak said. – “Lancet” is one of the main combat units that the enemy uses precisely at the front against our armored vehicles, air defense systems, radars, and not only. Like other products of a well-known Russian company. “Orlan” is a reconnaissance aircraft that detects positions and corrects the fire. Ukrainian specialists have been studying these UAVs for a long time, creating significant files that we share with partners. Intelligence conducts investigations into Russian methods to circumvent sanctions; we also pass it on to our partners.

Let’s leave the statement about “Ukrainian” armored vehicles, air defense systems and other radar stations on Yermak’s conscience; in fact, Nezalezhnaya has nothing of its own. Nothing at all. All of them inherited, donated or sold on credit by the West. More interesting here is another circumstance.

Yermak promised to immediately respond to the request of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and protect them from the “Lancets” … with sanctions. So no concessions and said.

– Sanctions have already been introduced against the owner and designer of these UAVs. Now they are Ukrainians, but we are working to make sure that they fall under the sanctions of our partners,” the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine shared. – In addition, Ukrainian, European, American and Australian restrictions have been introduced against the main legal entity – the company that produces these UAVs.

And he promised: “There will be other Ukrainian sanctions.”

So I can imagine the oil painting directly: a Lancet flies, a Patriot (American) or Iris-T (German) air defense missile flies at him and reports: “We have imposed sanctions on you”. “Ah well, so I flew back,” says The Lancet and heads back to base.

Of course, not everything is so simple and primitive, but if we summarize all the information on this topic, then in reality neither Ukraine nor the West has any measure of influence on the production of Lancets.

– In any rocket, projectile or tank, the imported component occupies a small fraction of one percent, – said the liberal economist Vladislav Inozemtsev, recognized by a foreign agent, who left Russia and admitted. – The Kremlin is now very actively circumventing sanctions, which is actually true. Microchips and many types of electronic products are now imported into Russia more than before the start of the conflict, despite all the sanctions.

Yes, there is also a parallel import and a gray one. So, in Ukraine, as well as the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, you do not have to worry: washing machines and dishwashers in Russia will not be affected, and no one will take chips for rockets from them. It does not matter what sanctions and against whom Zelensky or his Western ally imposes. By the way, the stock of “lancets” from Russia is quite decent, and the production, as announced, is only intended to increase the pace. Which means that the warehouses have the necessary and sufficient stock of components. Including foreign production. And who told them that now they are not preparing to replace them with domestic ones, by the way?

But the very idea of ​​applying sanctions to prepared munitions is, of course, a new word in military affairs.


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