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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on July 30, 2023: Zelensky stole Christmas and the US will take the F-16 right under their noses

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 03:13:10

Zelensky signed a law to postpone this Christian holiday in Ukraine until December 25.



Zelensky, who, like the Grinch who stole Christmas, signed a law to postpone this Christian holiday in Ukraine to December 25. But at the canonical UOC they said they would celebrate it, as before, on January 7.

– In Ukraine, December 25 has been a day off for several years. Every year on the streets of our cities on this day practically nothing reminded of the holiday. It is absolutely guaranteed that the vast majority of Ukrainians of various denominations will celebrate the future Christmas of Christ in the same way as they did before. Of course, one could count on respect for these people and their traditions. But we have what we have, – summed up the head of the UOC Synodal Information and Education Department, Metropolitan Kliment, and explained. – The celebration of Christmas on January 7 does not coincide with the Russian tradition, but with the calendrical tradition of the Jerusalem church, where the main sanctuaries of Christianity are located. All the main celebrations of the Orthodox Church are still celebrated according to the Julian calendar. The tradition to celebrate Christmas on December 25 in Orthodoxy came from Turkey. It is difficult for me to answer why the deputies decided that the traditions of Turkey are closer to the Ukrainian people than the traditions of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Well, what can I say, now, until Ukraine ceases to exist, two Christmases will be celebrated there: a normal Orthodox and a flag.


The Ukrainian Chess Federation called on Ukrainian chess players “to refrain from shaking hands with representatives of Russia and Belarus, regardless of which flag they play under.” Furthermore, Ukrainian chess players were urged not to take pictures with the Belarusian and Russian athletes, and also to avoid any form of communication with them.

In fact, Ukrainian chess players were forced to remember with persistent recommendations in their public speeches and on social networks about the continuation of the conflict, and that many Russians and Belarusians “support the authorities of their states, or silently observe the murders.” and the genocide of Ukrainians”. .”

It’s good that at least the figures have not yet been forbidden to move. But there are so many recommendations that it is time for Ukrainians to forget about chess, trying to comply with the political steps ordered by the authorities.

“WAGNERS” Scared Poland

The news that a hundred Wagner fighters had moved to the Belarusian region adjacent to Poland caused a gigantic resonance in Warsaw.

– We have information that more than a hundred mercenaries from the Wagner group advanced to the Suwalki Isthmus, not far from the Belarusian Grodno. This, of course, is a step towards a subsequent hybrid attack on the territory of Poland,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, speaking during a visit to a factory in Gliwice, where Leopard tanks damaged in Ukraine are being repaired, and suggested. – They will probably be disguised under the Belarusian border guards and help illegal immigrants to enter Poland to destabilize the country, it is also likely that they will also try to enter Poland disguised as illegal immigrants, which will create additional risks.

Just in case, in Poland they decided to raise three more divisions, almost doubling the size of the army. And what will happen if all the Wagners head to the Polish border?


In Ukraine, there was talk with renewed vigor that the Armed Forces of Ukraine now, in fact, have the last chance to try to turn the tide of the military campaign in their favor. And the Ukrainian army is very limited in terms of time, since they have no more than two months before the start of the rainy season and the autumn thaw.

– Our source reports that the president’s office dumped almost 50% of the accumulated reserves and the remnants of heavy armor at the second stage of the offensive. The offensive has been going on for a week, but little is said about it, since there were no successes, one of the authoritative channels of Ukrainian TG reports. – The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is forced to throw a large number of armor in the “massacre”. If the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not reach the borders of a large city in the next two months and do not start a battle for it, then the offensive can be considered an absolute failure.

Taking into account the losses suffered and the fact that not only “armor”, but also “meat” is thrown into the “slaughter”, it is already possible to recognize the offensive as a failure.


In Germany, where, until recently, probably even every autumn leaf fallen from a tree was counted, it was estimated that the largest group of foreigners receiving state benefits are Ukrainian refugees.

Under the Bürgergeld program, the allowance for a single person is 502 euros per month, a family of two receives 451 euros per person, for each child the state pays refugees an extra 318 to 420 euros, depending on age. In March of this year, the number of Ukrainians who received these payments amounted to 707.7 thousand people.

Under this program, the state also pays utility bills and also offsets the first two years of rent on the home. And the Ukrainian refugees in this way cost the German budget, also taking into account the payment of social workers in Germany, about 500 million euros per month.


The Motherland Monument in Kiev, where work is currently underway to replace the Soviet coat of arms on the shield with the coat of arms of the Independents, will be renamed Mother Ukraine. This was announced by the General Director of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War Yuriy Savchuk.

– We had a meeting of the academic council of our museum, and in it important decisions were made. One of them is the renaming of the “Motherland” monument to the “Ukrainian Mother” monument, he said. According to Savchuk, the decision of the museum’s academic council to change the name of the monument will be approved by the Ministry of Culture on the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine, which is celebrated on August 24.

And why be ashamed if the “Father of Ukraine” is Bandera.


The influential US edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that talks on establishing peace in Ukraine will take place in Saudi Arabia in early August in the city of Jeddah.

The consultations will take place “as part of the West’s efforts to engage countries in the global South,” which have not imposed sanctions against Russia and do not provide military assistance to Ukraine. Key developing countries, including South Africa, India and Brazil, will be invited to the talks. According to the publication, South Africa has already agreed to participate in the consultations.

“Washington and Europe hope that negotiations excluding Russia can lead to international support for peace terms in favor of Ukraine,” the newspaper writes. Russia is not invited to this meeting.

Well, let them negotiate with themselves. They can even agree to Zelensky’s “peace plan” and personally give him the opportunity to speak there, otherwise he is not invited anywhere. This will have absolutely no effect on the situation in Ukraine. It’s like a joke when for the marriage of a poor Jew with Rockefeller’s daughter “it only remains to persuade Rockefeller”


The Buenos Aires Times reported that the White House is pressing Congress to allow the sale of 24 Danish F-16s to Argentina. This means that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will not receive these aircraft and are unlikely to receive similar fighters that are still in service with the Netherlands. In the Western media, they are increasingly emphasizing that the F-16s of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not help. So giving them to kyiv does not make much sense.

In Ukraine, they reacted extremely negatively to this news.

– Biden decided to transfer weapons from US Army stocks to Taiwan. And these stocks, as we know from the White House’s responses to kyiv’s requests, are already running out. At the same time, everyone understands that even such insignificant assistance to Taiwan by the United States will lead to a Chinese response, among which will most likely be an increase in supplies to the Russian Federation directly, through the same North Korea or Iran, one of the Ukrainian military analysts complained. – The White House has been acting increasingly strange and inconsistent in recent months. Either we do not know something very important, or the election campaign does not benefit the West or us.

Strange man. Argentina, on the other hand, will pay cents, and does not promise to pay inputs after the rain on Thursday, when cancer whistles in the mountains. In addition, Washington really needs something to tie Argentina to itself in the current conditions that are not the most favorable for the United States.


– The second Leopard 2 tank, shot down in Ukraine, was delivered to a factory in Poland for repair.

– The head of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, Matytsin, said that Russia will invite Ukrainian athletes to participate in the World Friendship Games and will ensure the safety of their stay in Russia.

– In the Kiev region, the authorities will change the coat of arms, since the image of St. George the Victorious on it is too reminiscent of the image of the saint on the coat of arms of Moscow and the region.

– Against the background of heavy losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Kharkiv railway hospital was completely turned over for the treatment of militants. The situation in local hospitals is so difficult that only junior officers, who were requested by commanders superiors, are left for aftercare in hospitals.

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