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How to understand that you are still an extrovert: 22 typical signs, pros and cons of character

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In 1923, the founder of analytical psychology carl gustav jung proposed his theory on the definition of behavioral types of personality. For 100 years, every person on the planet has been divided into extroverts, introverts, and ambiverts. Each of these types is unique and has its own behavioral characteristics.

According to the Swiss psychiatrist, introverts are characterized by concentrating on their own feelings and thoughts. Ambiverts combine the traits and behaviors of both types. Extraversion is characteristic of those whose “direction of movement of libido” is turned to the outside world. Despite the fact that they are usually brave, open and proactive people, interacting with them can be difficult. How to recognize an extrovert?

What is extraversion?

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Extraversion is one of the personality characteristics, which means a person’s orientation towards the outside world and towards other people, as well as the perception of new impressions and experiences. These people are usually sociable, strive to communicate with all their might, always looking for adventure and impressions.

Extraverts are more energetic and prone to risk behavior than introverts. They are sociable, expressive, have an active social position. They need to satisfy most of their needs through interaction with others. This is his way of recovering energy and resting well.

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They prefer to wear nice clothes even if they are not so comfortable. By comparison, the introverts here choose practicality and comfort.

His mobility and orientation to the outside world are manifested in everything. They listen to energetic music. They usually decorate your workspace. Its doors are always open, there are extra chairs next to the table and sweets for a treat.

Signs of an Extrovert

It is important to understand here that not all extroverts will have these traits to the same extent. Personality can manifest itself in various ways. However, it is still possible to highlight a number of typical features. So, you are a pronounced extrovert, if much of this list is about you.

22 typical character traits and behavior

They love to communicate, they are talkative. They are not afraid to express their thoughts. Always open to new ideas and experiences. receptive to pleasure They are socially active. Subject to emotional expression. They love to speak in public. positions. They go out of their way to please. to all. They love to impress. It is important for them to always be in the spotlight. They have impulsiveness, courage, perseverance, emotions and feelings. They have active facial expressions. They gesticulate a lot. They speak loudly and emotionally. They have many friends.

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Advantages of extroverts

They are considered sociable and sociable. Extroverts tend to be more confident and agile, have a high level of social support, and adaptability in a new environment. They have decision. An important feature is love for life, due to which they quickly forget insults, do not get hung up on failures, share the positive with others. Also, they easily charge others with their energy. Your life can’t be boring. They are full of ideas and new challenges. They are immune to exhaustion.

Cons of extroverts

They often don’t respect personal boundaries and can make bad decisions due to risky behavior and a sense of infinity. Also, representatives of this type of personality are too persistent in their attempts to lead and control the group.

They are characterized by fears such as: not being the best, being useless. They are changeable, constancy is not for them. They find it difficult to carry out monotonous and routine work. They do not like to solve problems alone, without equipment. It is often difficult for them to refuse people’s requests, to say “no.” They may seem arrogant. They are forgetful, distracted, restless, do not bring things to the end. They don’t know how to plan.

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How to raise an outgoing child?

When raising an extrovert, it should be borne in mind that these children need a significant dose of parental attention and support to make them feel comfortable and self-confident. They also tend to need more physical movement and activity than introverts. Therefore, it is recommended to encourage their participation in sports activities and other vigorous forms of entertainment.

It is important to teach an outgoing child to manage his energy and emotions effectively to avoid problems such as whims or rash actions. This can be accomplished through training in self-regulation skills and practicing controlling her feelings and reactions to stressful situations.

Raising this type of personality requires the development of their social skills, including communication with other people and the ability to listen to them.

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An outgoing child must be taught to behave in public places, not to violate the rules of behavior and etiquette. So that you can establish good relationships with your peers and adults, avoid unnecessary conflicts. And finally, an extrovert’s education should include lessons designed to develop her talents and interests.

For such children, it is important to create conditions that allow them to show their creative abilities and bring all ideas to life.

What professions are suitable for extroverts?

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In the Soviet film “Garage” all the characters who are not afraid to express their opinion and behave impulsively are just typical extroverts. In society, such people really feel like a fish in water. His communication skills are enviable. This must be used. They always show themselves well, active, do not sit still.

To determine the type of activity, it is important to take into account the traits and behavior of extroverts. These are professions where you need to quickly establish contact with other people and identify their needs. Among them: sales, network marketing, recruiting, event management, journalism, tourism and excursions.

At work, it’s important for an extrovert to take full advantage of their advantages. Suffice it to recall the main character of the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. This is a very shining example of a natural extrovert knowing his strengths and using them to the fullest.

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Can you change your personality type?

All the skills that extroverts naturally possess can be learned. The only question is how much a person wants it. It is better to look at an example. There are two billiard balls, they collide on the playing field. If you are conditionally extroverted, then, despite the force of the blow, both of you will have a positive experience. But if one of the balls is an introvert, it might hurt him. This is a sample. However, for the opposite personality type, immersion in an extrovert environment can be really uncomfortable, it will feel like grabbing a frayed wire.

It was not for nothing that they came up with a joke: “There is no more insidious and unreliable creature than an introvert who decides to walk out of the meeting.” It’s not a bad character, it’s just that for such a person the company of people is always stressful. He develops his energy in solitude. It is important to remember this.

What can you do then? There are collecting clubs. As a rule, closed and shy guys come there. But after a couple of months, a person changes beyond recognition. He learns to make acquaintances, to establish contact, to be charming. Strong motivation, and in a couple of months a closed introvert masters the skills of an extrovert.

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It is recommended to join interest clubs or learn a new hobby, but on the condition that it is a group participation. This will provide an opportunity to expand the circle of acquaintances. As a result, the communication skill is pumped.

If, on the contrary, it is necessary to reduce extraversion, then start practicing meditation. In this way you will learn to focus on your own thoughts and emotions. Walking alone in the park, reading books will do. Many psychologists advise you to start keeping a journal. Such activity contributes to a better understanding and analysis of your feelings.

Remember, extroverts and introverts are not labels. Also, the traits of both personality types are much more common in one person. Experts from the Human Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Maryland have calculated that 68% of people on the planet are ambiverts.

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How to harmoniously build relationships with an extrovert?

If someone close to you is an extrovert, here are some tips on how to build effective relationships with them. To have less problems, it is important:

talk openly and honestly about your feelings. So you can definitely quickly and easily impress this type of person. They will definitely appreciate it;
give no reason to be jealous. It is worth noting that in a relationship they are characterized by jealousy. As a result, outbreaks of aggression and even breaking dishes;
get ready to expand the circle of acquaintances. Communication is important to extroverts, so they will pay attention to how you interact with other people;
Accept your personality traits. Ask yourself the question: are you ready to put up with the fact that your outgoing partner will have a huge number of acquaintances, with each of whom you will build close relationships? By the way, here it is a mistake to assume that they love all people. This is bad.

What celebrity is outgoing?

Although most people are ambiverts, pure extroverts are common. Even among the stars and historical figures, there are a large number of them. For example, this type may include:

45th President of the United States Donald Trump; director and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino; actor Bruce Lee; TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev; Marshal Georgy Zhukov; Emperor of France and Commander Napoleon Bonaparte; British politician Winston Churchill; poet Sergei Yesenin.

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