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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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New realities of the Russian team. How gymnasts manage without international competitions

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 15:58:29

Rhythmic gymnastics is truly a “princess of sports”, only girls who have collected in themselves – beauty, grace, plasticity – train here. At the same time, this is an incredibly difficult sport, girls begin to work hard from the age of three! Of course, the beginning is just general physical training with gymnastics elements, but after a year little gymnasts can confidently start performing programs. On the one hand, it is great that at a young age you can get titles and at fourteen you can become a master of sports, but on the other hand, this is inconvenient.

Gymnasts end their careers very early, each for their own reasons, but most sustain injuries. I would be very surprised to meet a professional athlete who competes in the senior category and will be absolutely healthy. Unfortunately, there is practically no such thing. A huge load on the ankles, knees, back, all for the fans to see the perfect image. Sometimes they finish their careers, when they receive the title, it becomes the final chord in this matter. And then there are many options for the development of events, for example, you can continue the gymnastic path, as a coach, as the two-time champion of the Youth Olympic Games Daria Trubnikova did.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

In the world of rhythmic gymnastics, the vacation period is over, and for Daria it was the first vacation in which it is not necessary to get involved and get in shape afterwards. Three weeks of vacation feels like something incredible and a new experience. However, Daria had a very busy summer, now I want to get the rights and try my hand at acting.

“I wanted to be a coach since I was little, as soon as I learned the profession, now I train children, I give various master classes, I conduct training camps. I like it a lot, I like to see how the rooms grow day by day, month by month. I love their emotions,” Daria said.

“In my career I would still like to perform at the World Adult Championship, at the European Championship, but what we have now will not allow us to do it. I do not regret my departure at all and I think I will not regret it, because I made a decision with a cool head. I may not have fully realized myself as an athlete, but I will try to train. I have the support of my relatives, Zaripova Amina Vasilovna, that’s how it was, is and will be. As for the big sport, I have nothing to say and I don’t have the opportunity to follow it, I only know a superficial story, I completely immersed myself in youth sports. Of course, now there are also many interesting competitions, there are more and more, more alternatives. I think it’s still quite difficult to find motivation.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

It’s hard to say anything about the Olympic Games, because at one point everything can change again. I remember my games, as if in reality, every moment, every emotion that I remember. These are inexpressible sensations and emotions, you can talk about it endlessly, ”said Daria Trubnikova.

But those who continue their professional career as an athlete dream of the Olympic Games, international competitions and continue to believe in their childhood dream. Anna Batasova is no exception. Anna is a junior world champion and a European champion. In the absence of such important competitions, our gymnasts, as always, train almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Russian team trains for 8 hours a day, with a two-hour lunch break. Vacations are granted only for the new year and two weeks in summer.

Anya spent her vacation in Egypt with a teammate. A week of sun, fruits and incredible experiences. In addition, spending time with family and loved ones, after which the gymnasts return to their usual routine.

Now Anna’s team is preparing for the International Festival of University Sports in Yekaterinburg. The girls direct all their forces to this start. They try not to think about the competition, but just do their job, the team’s coaches Tatyana Andreevna Pronina and Ksenia Dudkina expect the best results from their wards and believe in the girls.

“The main thing for us is to perform well at the beginning in Yekaterinburg, now that these are the most important competitions of the year and, of course, not to let down the coaches who put their whole soul into us,” said Anna Batasova.

Photo source: Batasova social networks

“Unfortunately nothing is known about the Olympic Games, most likely there will be none for Russia. Of course, they said that some athletes would be allowed in, but it is not clear yet. We miss the international competitions of the highest level very much, we loved the banquets that were held after all the performances, there is a completely different atmosphere. Lately, international competitions have been held in Minsk, which is fantastic, but there are no feelings like before,” said the athlete.

Despite the fact that Russia was suspended from all international competitions, gymnastics lives and develops. Coaches are preparing a new young generation, the popularity of this sport continues to grow, parents take their daughters to the rhythmic gymnastics section and believe that it is their little athlete who will become an Olympic champion. And we hope that Russia will prove more than once that it is the strongest in the world in this sport!

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