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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Training as an art form. We understand the directions and benefits of modern dances.

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 06:25:45

Music, rhythm, plasticity and clear movements are part of dance. There are a large number of different styles that allow you to express your emotions. Some of them are hundreds, thousands of years old, while others appeared very recently. Modern choreography opens up space for creativity and gives the opportunity to choose any direction. Together with an expert, we find out which ones are most relevant now.

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“It is almost impossible to list all the types of dances, we will tell you the main ones.”

Follow the link to find a jazz-funk video tutorial:


How to learn to dance jazz-funk? Video tutorial for beginners.

Characteristics of modern dances.

Modern dance differs in many ways from classical styles such as ballet. The main differences include the performance technique, the energy of the movements and the musical accompaniment. Which, probably, can already indicate a fundamental difference.

Contemporary dance usually uses a freer and more expressive technique than ballet, with an emphasis on emotional expression and contact improvisation. Additionally, modern dance can incorporate more diverse musical styles and rhythms that differ from traditional classical music.

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Why should you start dancing?

The emphasis in training is often placed on working the deep muscles, which helps strengthen the muscle corset and improve balance. Many elements of dance require fairly good physical strength, which is worked on in classes.

In addition, activities of this type develop coordination, flexibility and plasticity of the body. It is equally important to note that any form of physical activity, including dance and fitness, helps maintain overall health and muscle tone.

For video instructions on modern styling, follow the link:


How to learn to modern dance? Video instructions for beginners.

Attending dance classes stimulates inspiration, improves your mood and allows you to express yourself creatively. Here you can see very clearly the relationship between physical and emotional health.

Who can and who can’t dance?

Almost everyone can practice modern dance, except for people with medical contraindications, such as serious joint or cardiovascular problems.

You can dance at any age, but it is important to choose classes that suit your level and physical abilities to avoid injuries and fatigue. A variety of levels and pace of training allows everyone to find a suitable option and enjoy the learning process.

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Main directions of modern dances.

Each of the existing directions offers unique opportunities for creativity, involving different aspects of music, technique and style.

Find a video tutorial on Vogue here:


How to learn to dance voguing? Video tutorial for beginners.

It will be very difficult to talk about everything, so we will move on to the main ones.

Contemporary. This style is distinguished by its expressiveness and expressiveness of movements, and includes elements of different directions. And the basis is improvisation, including contact improvisation, that is, with a partner. This allows the dancer to freely interpret the music and express emotions through the body.Jazz-funk. A mix of jazz, ballet, and hip-hop, this style of dance features energetic movements and an emphasis on musicality. He could be seen at the concerts of many pop stars. There is also a lot of improvisation based on the feeling of the music.Modern jazz. The combination of jazz technique with modern elements creates an expressive and elegant style. This dance is often used to express emotions and explore movements that are free and flexible in nature.Hip hop. A style of street dance that includes sharp and precise elements joined together in combination and performed at a fast pace. The main emphasis here is on rhythm, freedom, emancipation and freestyle (improvisation).Brake dance. This is one of the varieties of street dance, which includes acrobatic elements, postures and tricks. Here most of the movements are performed on the ground, that is, on the ground.Fashion. The model poses and walks down the catwalk as part of the dance. Yes, yes, you understood everything correctly! This direction requires playing with emotions, an elaborate march, rotations and falling elements, all this is accompanied by quick and clear movements of the hands.High heels. Do you like to wear heels? But you can also dance on them. Of course, special reinforced shoes are used for choreography, and not ordinary stilettos. This direction reveals feminine energy, passion and sensuality.

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How to learn to dance?

To learn to dance it is important to decide the desired style that suits your preferences and interests. Explore various areas through resources available on the Internet, find video tutorials and recordings of performances.

Once you decide on a direction, look for dance schools or studios that offer training that suits your needs. Try several teachers and choose the one with whom you feel comfortable studying, also pay attention to the effectiveness of the classes. A useful method of self-improvement is to record your workouts on video, this will help you monitor and analyze your progress.

If you want to develop in this area and not just try it “for yourself”, we recommend attending battles, festivals and competitions. The more experience, the more progress. It is important to stay motivated and practice regularly by attending workshops and learning about the work of dance masters through available resources. The main rule is to never stop learning and improving!

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Is it possible to learn to dance at home?

Nothing is impossible, so you can improve your dance skills at home, but the best option for beginner dancers would be to attend classes with professional teachers at dance studios.

A qualified choreographer will be able to provide the necessary guidance, correct technique and help develop skills. Another benefit of studio classes is the opportunity to observe other dancers and be inspired by their performances.

Follow the link to watch a video lesson on hip-hop:


How to learn to dance hip-hop in 3 minutes? Video instructions for beginners.

At home you can practice and improve your skills by rehearsing and correcting mistakes. In the modern Internet space, there are many online courses and video lessons available, which can also be useful for self-study of dance styles.

If there is a fire in your heart and you want to express it through dance, then you don’t need to limit yourself. Choose a direction, sign up for dance classes and begin your journey into the vibrant world of choreography.

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