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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Which men’s pants are in fashion and how to wear them: 30 photos of stylish looks

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 09:17:28

Chief designer of the men’s clothing brand KANZLER.

“Pants are the foundation of any man’s wardrobe. This is a basic garment that is worn almost daily. They allow you to look elegant at a gala event, presentable at a business meeting, and feel comfortable while walking or meeting friends.”

The main thing is to understand which models are suitable for each event. Any self-respecting representative of the stronger sex should have several pairs. Classics – for office work, chinos – for active walks and informal events, cargo pants for trips and out-of-town trips.

History of pants

No one knows exactly when exactly humanity invented pants. In Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Hellas, people got along without pants.

This garment arrived with the steppe nomads, who were the first in history to saddle horses. This was around the 4th century AD. Later, people mastered archery and swordsmanship.

19th century men’s fashion

Photo: duncan1890 / istockphoto.com

However, such a wardrobe item belonged to the clothing for representatives of the lower classes. Therefore, it was necessary to put on a silk robe, togas and robes with an opening for camouflage. This continued for several centuries.

Since the 11th century, men began to shorten long hemlines. In France, the new model was called chausse and in Italy, calzoni.

In the Middle Ages they began to fight with “skirts” and ottomans. As a result, the length increased. Then came the fight against codpieces. Over time, the familiar image of pants was formed.

This detail can become your personal characteristic:

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In our country, Peter I introduced the fashion of pants. The new garment was short and had a zipper below the knees. Back then they were called culottes. They were worn exclusively by members of the nobility. Ordinary people wore long pants. Gradually, this trend appeared among aristocrats. The difference now was only in the sewing material. Starting in the 20th century, women began to wear men’s clothing.

Important historical events influenced the development of fashion for men’s trousers, since any phenomenon in the world is immediately reflected in clothing. For example, in our country in the 70s there was a tacit ban on wide and flared pants. The 80s were marked by a fierce battle with shorts on the city streets, because a true communist should not have bare calves.

As for modern trends, a few seasons ago designers began to rethink the classic style. This trend continues to gain momentum.

Sela medium-rise pants, 3799 rubles.

Photo: sela

What’s in fashion now?

The design of the current pants for the spring-summer 2024 season takes us back to the styles of the 60s. We are talking about high waist and wide cut.

Don’t forget the classics. Don’t think it’s boring. There are different options: straight, tapered, wide and with pleats. It is the last decorative element that refers us to the retro style. If you dilute the look with a sleeveless knitted vest and a corduroy jacket, you will get a preppy style.

Among the fashion models, pants with patch pockets, wide-leg chinos and joggers stand out.

Terranova pants, 2,999 rubles. /FASHION

Photo: Terranova

The modern cut reflects the general trend towards relaxed styles. They do not restrict movement and pair well with sneakers. Classic pants have also not lost their relevance. But a loose cut will give freedom and style to your appearance.

What materials and colors are in fashion?

It is better to consider not trends, but general trends in world fashion. This is comfort, thoughtful patterns, natural materials. For example, cotton, linen, silk and viscose. Fashion pants are mainly about freedom of movement.

Nowadays there is a trend towards natural tones. All shades of brown, from mocha to dark chocolate, khaki, gray, sand and blue. They can be easily combined with other colors to create looks of calm luxury.

Zarina cargo pants, 2,199 rubles.

Photo: Zarina

This item is universal. It is suitable for a variety of occasions:

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Tips for choosing

There are several parameters to consider when purchasing a new pair: fit, size and length.

The high rise is suitable for people with a slim build. Visually lengthens the legs and emphasizes the waist. Medium: universal and applicable to almost any body type. Pants should not be too tight.

Befree tapered chinos with mid-rise, 3,599 rubles.

Photo: befree

If you are of medium or short height, choose smooth models. Those that are too narrow will visually shorten the legs and alter the proportions of the figure. To appear taller, look for pairs in solid colors or a vertical print. It is best to combine it with matching clothes, this way you will create a line of color that visually lengthens the silhouette.

For a thick build, dark colored pants are the best option. It is better to avoid shapeless or too tight styles, and also give preference to dense fabrics.

Men with an athletic body should avoid the slim style. You can show off a voluminous blouse in unfavorable lighting. Guys with thin legs should choose classic pants without patch pockets or decorations.

In case of excess weight in the abdominal area, straight-cut models with adjustable drawstrings are perfect. It is worth abandoning wide cuts, flares and shorter options.

Sela straight trousers, 3,999 rubles.

Photo: sela

Young people are allowed to experiment with styles and prints. For older men, it is recommended to choose a straight cut with slight pleats on the front of the pants.

Now the style offers more freedom and aims for comfort and relaxation, even in traditional business fashion. But you should always take into account your body parameters and characteristics. It is important to use knowledge of proportions and visual techniques to create your own recognizable style and highlight its advantages.

Models: David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Benedict Cumberbatch:

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